In his somewhat lengthy videoJerry Kroth, Ph.D. (Associate Professor Emeritus in the graduate counseling psychology program at Santa Clara University in California) castigates liberals for displacement, a form of self-delusion, regarding climate change. I must confess, his accusation that efforts to improve our carbon footprints, support activist organizations, and talk about the dangers of climate change fall short of what's necessary to save the planet.

He compares effective anti-war activism which halted the Vietnam War to our total lack of similar effective activism to halt climate change. We would be protesting around every coal plant, pipeline, and cargo vessel bringing in Chinese goods, he says, if we're serious.

Kroth says that a third of the US population buys into climate denial, and another third engages in displacement behavior such as vegetarianism and symbolic identity acts. In a sense he's painting everything I say here warning about climate change, and my lifestyle changes, as being as useful as a parent praying to reverse his adult child's drug use and petty crime. As long as I watch a flat screen TV, and use heat and air conditioning, and eat imported fruit, apparently, I'm self-deluded to think I make any difference at all.

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Ouch! I have to get REALLY active! Oh! Dear! I am 81-years-old, already did my share of marching, petitioning, meeting with Congress members, going door to door, standing in front of grocery stores with petitions, forming human circles around offices and buildings with hundreds of other folks in protest for the Civil Rights Movement of 1968, and anti-Viet Nam War Movement! Someone else has to take on this battle! 

No one shows up! DAMN! I want to sit in my heated home with furnace keeping me warm in my northern U.S. home, and eating food shipped in from thousands of miles because I like the taste of tropical foods, and pointing my finger at others to get off their damned asses and become active! 

We made change happen in the 1960s and we can make change happen in 2017!

P.S. Ruth, where did you find that clever gif?

I've been collecting smileys to express assorted feelings for years. Lost track.


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