If You're So Miserable About Climate Change You Don't Want Kids, Yo...

Believing that our psychological health is inextricably linked to our environment, Theodore Roszak coined the term ecopsychology in the 1990's. 

... this fusion of environmentalism and psychotherapy is being dedicated to the painful experience of coming to grips with the impending reality of climate change.

Dr Sally Gillespie ...  told BuzzFeed News that people tend to experience a deep uncertainty or fear of the future when they delve into climate change research and stay engaged with the topic for extended periods of time.

"People who are very engaged, either through their work or campaigning, do experience feelings of isolation … you commonly see anxiety, grief, guilt, despair, anger; there's a whole range of things that come up – there's a numbness, too."

"There are a lot of people who are feeling depression, those who really understand the science … and how significant the necessary action is," said [Carol]Ride.

... "it's a completely rational response to be alarmed and concerned and emotionally impacted".

...people tend to cluster around three forms of environmental concern: egoistic (concern for one's health or life), social-altruistic (concern for humanity at large), and biospheric (ecological concern for plants and animals). [emphasis mine]

My concern is mostly social-altruistic. I worry about losing humanity's future, our possibilities for species self-actualization and maturity. How about you? Which concern moves you the most?

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