I have been fairly active on the blogs lately and there seems to be some concern over the apparent rise in atheist activity. The most often asked question is are they authentic. With so many young people joining the cause it is beginning to look like it may just be the cool thing to do. Maybe I am wrong, but I doubt the cognitive reasoning skill of an adolescent is developed enough to make comprehensive decisions regarding atheism. When I hear a reply of "I don't know" when I ask why atheism, I know where they stand. Does anyone else see a fad frenzy here or is it just me?

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I think of it as a civil rights movement rather than a fad.
While this is an excellent aspect of the movenent it should not be the only reason you become an atheist. Civil rights can be argued and defended regardless of any theistic undertones.
Skylar, I must apologize for assuming your sole reason for being an atheist is political. I am sure it is more than that.



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