Ketamine Improved Bipolar Depression Within Minutes, Study Suggests

...a single dose of ketamine produced rapid antidepressant effects in depressed patients with bipolar disorder. They have now replicated that finding in an independent group of depressed patients, also with bipolar disorder.

When the patients received ketamine, their depression symptoms significantly improved within 40 minutes, and remained improved over 3 days. Overall, 79% of the patients improved with ketamine, but 0% reported improvement when they received placebo.

Importantly, and for the first time in a group of patients with bipolar depression, they also found that ketamine significantly reduced suicidal thoughts. These antisuicidal effects also occurred within one hour.

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So...the Sketchy Sunday cure works for bipolar disorder as well? No one ever listens to ravers. ;)

Sounds good but I'd wait for the long-term studies. An old skepitc like me doesn't trust quick cures. Alcohol made me less depressed within minutes too but the side/after effects were grusom.

In another thread you pointed out the risks associated with serotonergic drugs, sounds like this might be a promising alternative, although its own risks need to be studied carefully. 




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