I get the impression that, with the increasing use of technology (scanners, genetics,etc) psychology is beginning to be seen as hard science and that more men are getting involved. Anybody else think so?

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Haven't men always dominated the field? My husband was a psychologist.

At the top, perhaps.The professorships tend to be a male preserve.

In my "career", I've seen (as far as I can remember) 2 psychiatrists (male) 3 consultant/senior psychiatrists (female) and 4 psychologists (female). One of the consultants once blurted out, in a group therapy sessiom, "of course men are superior to women", blushed a deep red and tried to save herself by adding "in some areas" rather too late to be credible.

So how much do you see it changing then?

Mostly in research fields, where the big toys are. A number of men also become consultants for large organisations. Most "front-line" therapists are women. Most men who become psychiatrists are those medical students who just scraped through their final exams and needed to be diverted into a specialty where they "couldn't do any harm".

I don't mean that as a blanket condemnation of the whole bunch. It's just my years of experience as a very jaded patient coming out.




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