Do you agree with "hot and cold" forms of empathy? This article implies, at least to me, that psychopathy hasn't been selected out of our gene pool because many of its components offer advantages in certain circumstances. Of course there's a down side of having our economy and politics run by high psychopathy types.

What Psychopaths Teach Us about How to Succeed

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Traits that are common among psychopathic serial killers—a grandiose sense of self-worth, persuasiveness, superficial charm, ruthlessness, lack of remorse and the manipulation of others—are also shared by politicians and world leaders. Individuals, in other words, running not from the police. But for office. Such a profile allows those who present with these traits to do what they like when they like, completely unfazed by the social, moral or legal consequences of their actions.

That sounds all negative to me. No wonder we are in such bad shape.

The stereotype is that sociopaths can only be serial killers. Some people realize they can be high-up businesspeople. The article mentions that they can be surgeons and other helpful but stressful positions. I always did wonder, if sociopaths have little or no emotions, why would they even care about killing people? Learning more about it, it appears that many of them don't have an interest in killing people. This makes me wonder if environmental factors made a difference even if they are sociopaths.



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