This isn't quite a rant, but it's more than just a talk or a speech.  What follows here is the end of something Aron Ra delivered several years ago which has stuck with me practically since I first heard it.  I find it memorable for its incisive nature, its reliance on fact, and its unblinking admission to the mortality of Homo sapiens and whatever meaning our lives may have.

That's all the more introduction this piece needs.  I'll let Aron do the rest:

And just for good measure, here is a transcript:

[picture of Linda Blair in The Exorcist on the screen]

Y'all know who this girl is? Look at this child. Is this the face of a demon, or is this the look of a skeptic who's not buying your bullshit? The problem is: it's the same glare, either way, and that's why we're lumped in together. This is the way we look when we realize we're being lied to, when you realize that all the fables of the bible began in the hearts of superstitious primitives who just made it up. It's man-made mythology and there is no truth in it.

There's no heaven, no hell, no Eden either, and there is no devil. He was invented by Persians, adapted by Jews, and embellished by Christians. He was never the serpent, nor a fallen angel, and he can't steal your soul because we don't have souls. Exorcism isn't real, because demons aren't real, because magic isn't real. We are not cursed. We are not fallen. We have arisen and we don't need salvation because god literally doesn't give a damn what happens after you die, because then, neither of you exist! There is no goddamned devil because there is no god – DAMN! You just die, and that's it. You're not immortal; you're not eternal, and to believe otherwise is to diminish everything that you really have. Life is precious because it is short, and there's nothing after it. There's no destiny, and there's no purpose beyond what you give it yourself. If you want your life to mean something ... try making someone else's life meaningful. Because regardless, whatever else you believe, history will be our judge. And stop waiting and wondering about some posthumous promise or divine damnation, and learn to live and love life.

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Actually, Yahweh didn't even do that.  Man is SUPPOSED to be a special creation, separate from the rest of the animal world, meant to worship him and do his will, remember?

[man, I type that and I almost want to gag as I do so!]




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