“Here, where a thousand
Captains swore grand conquest. . .Tall
Grass their monument.”
― Basho
What does this quote mean to you? To me it portrays deep deep effort that was for nothing. Deep Deep Wasted Effort. Reminds me of Religion. Imagine a Thousand Winning Captains, Each With Thousands of soldiers that died or were maimed, fighting the Thousand losing Captains, Each With Thousands of soldiers that died or were maimed, ALL THAT EFFORT and all they have to show for it is tall grass. So sad. Utter failure. Like religion's feigned attempt to cure poverty!

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And in the nearer future, this might be "The Fate of Mar-a-Lago", with its surviving upper floors a library and museum of the failed Trump presidency:


"Barron Trump, last surviving child of disgraced one-time president Donald Trump, has finally succeeded in his crusade to create a monument to his father, to join the Presidential Centers which commemorate every other person to have held that office....

The dedicatory ceremony was held yesterday, attended by all surviving ex-presidents, but not by President Kumarr, who cited prior obligations. She did delegate her wife’s stepson to represent her.

See related story with visuals and descriptions of the entire facility...."

"...note the door through which you enter.  This is the very door to Trump’s Oval Office.  Through it you step into a replica of that office, decorated exactly as it was in Trump’s time.  Note the gaudy, tasteless decor for which he was famous.  Unfortunately, these are all replicas, though painstakingly duplicated, as the real artifacts themselves were thrown into an incinerator within hours of Trump’s departure.  What a loss to history!

Look carefully at the desk.  Seated behind it...is that...can it be?  Trump himself?  Don’t worry folks, it’s only a hologram.  No danger that he’ll begin ranting at you in his well-known manner.  And what’s that in front of him on the desk?  Look at it carefully folks.  That’s not a replica.  It’s the very cell-phone on which he typed his famous tweets.  His son took care to preserve it after his death.  No, you can’t touch it.  It’s protected by a force-field.

(For related explanatory stories, “What was a cell-phone?” and “What were tweets?”, blink here.***) ..."

(read more)

First, I read the article and thought, "YES, THERE IS A GOD AND SHE PUNISHES THE WICKED!" Then I read the title, "June First, 2070"

When the kids were little, we traveled across the southern tier of the U.S. and in Florida, we encountered Anolis, a fast little lady who reproduces as fast as bunnies. 

I wonder if Mar-a-Largo has these? 


(Lizard photos by C. Gilman.)

Florida Lizards Evolve Rapidly, Within 15 Years and 20 Generations 




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