I wrote to Lawrence Krauss during the discussion of Big Bang vs Electric Universe:

"Thurs, 5:54 PM, Lawrence, I belong to Atheist Nexus and a rather ugly debate began about the Big Bang Theory. One fellow declares the Big Bang did not occur and the beginning of the universe started as a result of Electricity Theory. No one can tell me why his theory is wrong. Can you help me understand the conflict between the Big Bang Theory and the Electricity Theory?", 

Lawrence Krause answered today:

"MON 8:52 PM

"one is right and one is wrong. predictions of big bang agree with observations."
~ Lawrence Krauss
I often have conversations with Lawrence and find him to be very willing to answer questions. 

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 Nice, as i undersatnd his answer Electricity Theory is not observed?

I would be interested in knowing if Lawrence has any specific articles or websites which spell out the problems with the EU by comparison with the BB.  I realize the man is ridiculously busy, but if he has the time, something like that would be good input.




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