Constantine did what?

As he gained power, he became more suspicious of even family and friends. He ordered them to be put to death by various means.


His father-in-law

He impelled to hang himself

A.D. 310


His sister Anastasias’s husband

he ordered to be strangled

A.D. 314


His nephew

he ordered his throat to be cut

A.D. 320


The Pagan philosopher and former friend

he ordered to be put to death

A.D. 325


His sister Constantiia’s husband

he ordered to be strangled

A.D. 325


His eldest son

He ordered to be beheaded

A.D. 325

The emperor, feeling remorse, turned to his pagan religion for comfort and found none. He turned to the Christian bishops who told him that all that was essential was to repent and be baptized and he would be cleansed of all sin. Pleased to be free of his offenses, he imposed the beliefs upon his subjects. To repent and be baptized furnished the avenue of escape for those feeling guilt. The same doctrine holds today as it did then. Thus a murderer founded christianity.

~Christianity founded by a murderer

Thanks, Patricia, for leading me to this information. 

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Patricia, I had to check to see if Constantine had indeed caused all those deaths, and indeed, he did. I was not able to post this in Comments so posted here in Discussions. Sorry, if I stepped on your post. I had no such intention; I wanted to check out what this killer did. Constantine, indeed! What about that fairy tale told about his mother converting him? More piffle. 

It would seem as though Constantine was as credulous in his day as the sheep of today are.  He swallowed the pablum offered by the officiants of the church then to salve his guilt, and in return effectively gave them Carte Blanche.  In so doing unleashed the world's most infamous death cult on all of us.

Swell fella. [/sarcasm]

Clearly a true christian...


Interesting and ghastly info, more the rule than the exception in those times. Religion was intermeshed with politics and war.  

I know, the myth has Constantine as some kind of enlightened emperor, converting the Empire to Christianity at a single stroke. In fact, he did it for totally political reasons.  Probably very religious and pious on the outside.  Yech!




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