The word “Permaculture” is the combination of the two words “permanent” and “agriculture.” It is a method of agricultural philosophy that allows gardeners to create and sustain growing food in a way that feeds the soil as the soil feeds us. Bill Mollison and David Holmgren reconstructed the processes ancient civilizations used to sequester water and replenish soils. The taught how to protect and conserve natural resources, working with nature to restore what mismanagement harmed. By imitating nature, using natural processes in daily living their ideas provide us with the things we need without damaging the environment. 

~ Bill Mollison and David Holmgren 

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But not everybody has a garden. This is unfair to urban revolutionaries. Consumption is far more nuanced than just food.

The Rise of Urban Vertical Forests 

People move from the rural areas to urban areas; that does not mean they have to leave agriculture behind. Whether through balconies of plants or rooftop gardens, food forests can be created at any elevation and under the most extraordinary circumstances. 

Rooftop food forests




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