This is a bit rushed, but I wanted to post Adam Schiff's closing statement to the impeachment trial on 24 January 2020.  This is potent stuff, and it speaks to Schiff's integrity and determination to do what he can to hold this house together, lest it be divided against itself.

Thank you, Congressman Schiff.

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I hope he's not the only one.

We haven't been the greatest nation on Earth since 2016. Germany wasn't "great" when run by Hitler and the US isn't "great" when run by Trump, or any other member of what used to be a political party called Republican. Here truth doesn't matter in TV news, neither conservative nor liberal other. CNN and MSNBC lie too, even public broadcasting. The Bernie Blackout Is Real, and These Screenshots Prove It

... in December 2019, public broadcasting exhibited one of the most egregious examples of the Bernie blackout, when a PBS News Hour segment on the election did not even mention Sanders’s candidacy.

Today's Senate crowning of the Imperial Presidency and the attack on Bernie this week makes me feel as if truth and right have been defeated here. Not only has the impeachment not decreased Trump's 40% approval rating, Fox news increased its market share.

Moreover, it seems as if US citizens can't even recognize truth. They don't appear to notice that their safety and rights are being stripped away RIGHT NOW. I read an article where the author said he'd conducted a focus group on politics, and nobody mentioned the impeachment until 80 minutes in. When he asked why, the respondents said because the outcome is known in advance, it's not interesting. (Sorry I lost that link.) Sometimes I think the Wuhan coronavirus isn't our most immediate threat, even for those of us who are elderly and unhealthy. It's difficult to sanely articulate the threat we face. I guess Australia opening more coal mines in response to their wildfires is emblematic of 2020's absurd mirror-version of "truth and right". How did our brains become collectively inadequate to grasp boot-in-face reality?

"What used to be a political party called Republican" -- well said!

I hope we'll find our way back to sanity, and intend to do my bit in that effort.




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