The debate between Sam Harris and William Lane Craig at Notre Dame in 2011 was particularly notable for one particular rebuttal by Harris to Craig, well into the debate.  Those 10 or so minutes amount to a distillation of the absurdity and obscenity which is biblical or godly morality, and its subsequent refutation by Harris.  I have cited numerous excerpts from that statement here on A|N, as I am sure many others have, and with good reason.  It is a compilation of some of the best arguments I have ever heard against the supposed objective morality represented by Christianity, and I believe that rebuttal in its entirety is worthy of your attention.

If this group is supposed to be about important quotes, I think this material is more than appropriate.  With that in mind, I am embedding Harris' first rebuttal of the Harris / Craig debate here, and attaching a transcript in a flat text format.  Please enjoy.

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If I had heard a talk like this when I was a believer, I think I would have escaped my religious indoctrination much sooner than I did.

I think that holds for you, me, and a lot of others, Spud.  What Harris lays out here is positively damning.


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