I saved the comments from the previous quotations group the day before it was cleared and closed. Its creator feels strongly that people's comments (though they were posted publicly) shouldn't be republished without their permission -- and it's a point well taken that after plenty of warning that "everything will be deleted", people might not expect it all to just reappear.

So I'll ask:

Would you like your comments from "Quotation of the Day" republished, with your name and avatar?

(It'll be in an "archived quotations" discussion, not in the main comments. And I'll try to exclude comments that are just commentary, without adding a quotation.)

(Clarification: the names and avatars will be snapshots from when I saved the comments, and won't change if you change your name or picture in your AN profile. They also won't reflect upgraded membership or new badges.)

If so, please let me know here or in a private message. I'll include only the quotes from people who opt in.


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I got NO PROBLEM with it, GC.  Please go right ahead with anything I've put into Daniel's Quotations of the Day group.

You can repost my quotations.

OK to re-post mine.

I don't mind having my previous quotations republished.  Go ahead, as long as it's not too much trouble to do, Grinning Cat.   

Yes, thanks for doing this, GC. There have been a lot of great thoughts and excellent cracks assembled here.

A clarification that's a non-issue for most people: the names - and avatars - will be snapshots from September 30, and won't change if you later change your name in your AN profile. (Suppose I changed my name to "Dapper Dog"; the archive would still list my quotations under "Grinning Cat".)

Absolutely, I want my avatar and quotes republished or archived. I would have archived them myself if I knew it was a possibility. 

By the way, Grinning Cat, thank you for taking the time and making the effort to save as many as you can. 

I hope to finally work out soon how to automatically filter and select the comments from people who've opted in. (NOT going to do it by hand! There'll be enough manual work, removing non-quotation comments, and making sure graphic quotations are OK.)

(If you're thinking, "why doesn't he use the XYZ HTML parser, that'll make it trivial!", please send me a private message! I'm willing to learn, and not struggle with pliers if the job needs a Pozidriv screwdriver.)

If anyone else would like to be included, please let me know. (And if you tell me after I publish the first batch, I can easily re-run the filter afterwards.)

Grinning Cat, is there a way for me to retrieve my quotes and work on them and repost them, make any corrections I want and either send them to you to edit, or I could just repost them? If we each could retrieve our posts, then you wouldn't have to. I'm able and willing to give it a try.

Oh! Oh! I can't retrieve my posts. Please let me know how I can help.  

Hi Joan,

Once I figure things out, I can send you your posts privately instead of reposting them myself. (I have a bunch of raw saved pages from the old group's comment wall.)

Quotes may be taken out of context or content.

A short quip is always nice to read and repost.

Ask permission and acknoledge the originator of the quote especially wihthin the context and content your write about.

You don't have permission to post my comments with out conslulting me.




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