dont be shy introduce yourselves tell me a little about yourself and most of all be random!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hiya im skye and im totally lazy
i love spongebob YAY!!!!

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Do you know the question?

what question? man im confused already
kill me?

"What is Six multiplied by nine?"
in base 13 of course.
Well, a computer has been commissioned by mice to solve the question of The Question, but something tells me it will get blown up 5 minutes before the completion of its program...

I'll miss you all. :)
im bored very very very very very very very very bored
I'm Joe and I too want to be two! My favorite things are apple juice and Jew's Harps! I also never know to which witch I want to switch. Good bye and Cheers!!!
Where everyone knows your number................Cheers



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