whats the most randomest thing anyone has ever done? is that even how u spell radomest i dunno any way so tell....ill tell after i get more people telling yay

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Looking up my high school sweetheart's name up in the phone book after 29 years of no
contact and calling him. We wound up married.

His wife was not pleased.

I'm an evil homewreaking whore..........I love my life!!

And my husband.
wow that is totally random
I had something, but I forgot it after reading that utter randomnecessity.

Oh, my town has a contest where a field is covered in squares and you watch a bull all day to see where he poops. That's my favorite word, poop. Poop!!!!!!!!!
lmao the most randomest thing ive ever done was jumping up and down on a table at school for no reason


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