Hmmmm nonexistent wasn't a good word. OK, I got it. What's your favorite holiday that doesn't exist outside your head. I celebrate quite a few that are only in my head.

My favorite is Priestly Wedgie Day. It's the day that you give a priest a wedgie or was it the day you give Jason Priestly a wedgie. Damn it!!!! I forgot again!!! No, I remember. There is Priestly Wedgie Day and Jason Priestly Wedgie Day. They are both my favorite.

What's yours? and Happy Green Beer Day to all and to all a good night. Seacrest Out!!!

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And if any of you say you already celebrate Priestly Wedgie Day or Jason Priestly Wedgie Day, I'm gonna be pissed Old Testament style. I told all of you to stay out of my head!!!! All the voices are driving me crazy! You're all stealing my brain like little godless zombies!!!
My favorite holiday is Put on a Freddy Krueger Mask and do the Safety Dance Day. Thanks for starting this discussion.

I almost forgot, Happy Bury your Frozen Vegetables in the Backyard with Bic Lighters Day, my friends!
I'm confused. Do you bury the frozen vegetables and the bic lighter or do you bury the vegetables using a bic lighter?
The frozen vegetables and the bic lighters are buried together in hopes that they will explode, causing peas and plastic to gloriously rain down on your yard :)
What holiday is?
dude no the best non existent holiday is drive everyone nuts with a screw driver day
Like a screwdriver made of vodka and OJ or the screwdriver made of plastic and metal? I can see the hilarity in both.

Happy Have-an-inappropriate-relationship-with-a-gnome Day!!!!!
Happy Wear Your Jammies to Work Day
I call that Thursday
i call that everyday
Happy Stop Rubbing It In You
Twerps Day




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