This is the best group for this site. I feel really weak sometimes that I don't know enough about anything yet, because my head has been stuck in a bible. I don't think I am a knowledgeable about "stuff" as other atheist are. I feel at home knowing I'm not alone in my new atheism. What say say makes sense now. Because you guys understand. I have noticed how long time atheist are very knowledgeable about, science, philosophy and even religion!

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The only reason I 'know' anything is because I needed to shore up my arguments before I told anyone else. I studied the bible like you Michele and I thought it was time to look into other things, like where the bible came from and who really wrote it. Just like we were babes in Christ, we're now babes in atheism. It takes time and if your interested, the info is out there. I'm actually to the point where I don't want to read anything else about religion. I've read just about every book out there by Hitchens, Dawkins, Warriq, Harris, etc. I cant tell you how many hours I spent reading internet articles and watching debates on Youtube. Now I'm actively reading other stuff and becoming more rounded. I just finished my AA and am working on my BS in psychology.

I too run trough the gamut of feelings about my past religious life. I go from embarrassment to anger to sadness (that I missed so much) and then the cycle repeats. I believe these sites are very therapeutic, we do understand and we're here to listen, share our stories and heal.
Thanks. have had enough of reading the bible, now I read about where the stories came from and where it all originated. Very interesting things I have learned.

Sometimes I look around at all the information there is out there that I missed while trapped in my religion and am just shocked! How did I miss it? And how can theists ignore it?? I feel a bit overwhelmed when trying to learn new things about cosmology, physics, evolution, and even the contradictions in the bible. There is so much, I almost don't know where to start. But I'm taking it one day, one book, one YouTube debate at a time, because I know eventually I'll get it, and be able to effectively defend myself in spirited debates with other theists. Sites like this are so exciting to see because we do get to meet other atheists who know more than us, as well as new atheists who no as little as us. As a community we grow together in knowledge and reason. It's awesome! I love it! :D


I am now where you were when you first posted this. Curious to know how things have gone for you.


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