Because I sure do!

Actually, I had been skeptical about religion since the 6th grade, but I had not considered atheism until about four years later. The moment in which I declared myself an atheist, to no one's surprise, happened in my 10th grade theology class. We were having a lesson on the ten commandments, and my teacher said that god would always forgive you, no matter what commandment you broke as long as you are truly sorry, but the only unforgivable sin is the complete rejection of his existence. So, according to this woman atheists are worse than murderers. That was the moment in which I decided that I was an atheist, and I have never looked back!

This reason is not the only reason, but it would take a book the size of a set of encyclopedias to list all of the fallacies of the catholic church, so even if you do not have one exact moment that led to your deconversion, list some of your reasons. I am sure that we will all agree with you!

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I said I couldn't love anyone more than I loved my Mommy & Daddy. He said I would go to hell.

What the fuck?! You do not say that to a child!

I agree. I never told my parents about that until recently. They were livid. I can now imagine they would have caused a serious row about. Now that I'm a parent I feel the same way.
I can't say I had any particular moment of deconversion, having lost my faith gradually in many small stages. The first great blow to my beliefs came from reading the bible. Long before Richard Dawkins wrote "The God Delusion", I observed that the Xian God was an arrogant, egotistical, merciless prick who was completely beneath what I would consider to be a moral being.

In secular college, I had the opportunity to discuss religious issues with those belonging to a wide variety of religious persuasions, and even a few atheists and agnostics. I realized that by 1970 I was an agnostic.

If I had ever experienced an epiphany or moment of conversion it was in going from agnosticism to atheism. This happened in 1982. I've been a confident atheist ever since.


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