I recently purchased a documentary DVD titled "Vows of Silence" a film by Jason Berry. It covers the career of Fr. Marcial Maciel, founder of a militant Catholic organization known as The Legionaries of Christ. Many Catholics consider Maciel to be a saint, yet allegations began to surface decades ago that he was sexual predator who took advantage of scores of young seminarians, many who are priests today. This documentary is about the efforts of Maciel's victims to bring him to justice and the ensuing coverups involving three popes, including Benedict XVI.


"Vows of Silence" won the Best TV Documentary Award at the Mexico City International Documentary Film Festival. It's presently available on Amazon.

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A number of Roman Catholics, even some conservative Roman Catholics, are publicly objecting to the May 1 formal beatification of Pope John Paul II, because he protected Maciel.
It was partially because of their activities that I did some research on Maciel and discovered this film. I feel that the Vatican is the world's most politically and morally corrupt religious organization in existence.




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