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Okay, this post is a personal expression of exasperation.  Most of you won't care too much about this.

Last week my mother posts this on her Facebook for public consumption:

Then I post this to my Facebook:

To which I get this response in Facebook:

Obama: A man who represents death and evil.

I think that's a wee bit extreme.  Really, this isn't funny.  It scares me.  If God existed, I'd ask him to grant me strength.  All I have is my friends.

That's just the tip of the iceberg.

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xtians are very thin skinned, huh?


Shame on nonbelievers who use dirty words!! lol

But seriously, GP, I can understand your frustration. Saying that the president represents death and evil is extreme (Obama didn't sent our troops to Iraq, now did he?). It's sad that women (especially) would rather vote for someone who throws their religion around, while taking women's rights away...or making a HUGE and constant attempt to do so.

That is not exactly a flattering photo of Michelle and Barack Obama. What were you hoping to achieve by posting it?

Sadly, your mother's opinion about President Obama is not unusual among conservative Roman Catholics. I monitor the right-wing Catholic AM radio network owned by EWTN, whose commentators make the most absurd and stupid charges against President Obama and his administration. One wonders about that old Commandment about bearing false witness.


Yeah, I was just passing the photo along with the comment "Best photo of Obama ever".  When it comes to Catholics, one thing I've noticed growing up in a fundie Catholic houshold is they don't seem to pay much attention to the Bible or the commandments.  We never even read the Bible.  They only paid attention to what the priests and the pope says.


I believe she thinks "feminist" is a dirty word.

We never even read the Bible. They only paid attention to what the priests and the pope says.

That seems to be the key thing that sets catholics apart from other christians. Their knowledge of christianity derives almost solely from the mouths of clergy. In my mind, that makes catholicism one of the most dangerous christian religions. You have millions of sheep happily relying on a shockingly small group of individuals - just one if we're being completely honest - to interpret their religious text for them, and therefore dictate their moral code. Few seem to realize they're being manipulated. I think a lot of the weird rituals catholics observe are made up and have no basis in the bible. I don't remember being encouraged to read the bible as a kid in catholic school. My mom, who happens to be the only person I know still actively catholic, has never read the bible in her life. If you get into a theological debate with her she quotes what she's heard from priests and nuns. The result is confusing and laughable.

I sympathize.

My own Catholic Mom® says the most nonsensical stuff. She's actually told me that I'm incapable of love since I don't believe it comes from god.


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