I'm hoping to get some advice on this one. I have quite a bit of the trappings of my former faith. I'm at a loss with what to do with some of it. Most, I have no problem donating or just selling. However, there are a few bits that have more meaning for the beauty of the item & when it was given. Then the supposed religious significance.

For instance 200yo Christening Gown that has been worn and passed down to all of my family and ended with my children. It's beautiful linen & Irish Lace. It's the family connection part that means the most to me.

Then there is a hammered aluminum & stain glass cathedral for my mantel that is just gorgeous. My kids love the light display that it creates on the wall. I never cared for it being a cathedral but I really like it. Putting black lights in it for Halloween is crazy spooky for the kids. They dare each other to walk in the room so we can pop out from behind the couch & surprise them. Each year it's a trick to see how far they can get into the room with out high-tailing it out before we BOO them.

Thirdly, A carved nativity with gold leaf. It means quite a bit to my husband.

In the end if these were the only vestiges of the faith I once had in my house I wouldn't mind. My house is full of bits and pieces from other cultures and other countries. However, there is a part of me that would like to just be able to let these things go.

Has anyone else dealt with this?
Thank you in advance.

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I feel an object kept for sentimental reasons is only worth the quality of sentiments it brings out in me and my family. I no longer keep some things in honored places in my home for this reason. A box in my basement is my solution.

I also have some stuff I hoarded in my catholic days. I tossed and gave away most of it a while back, but, kept some medals and rosaries which I used to make a zany piece of jewelry. It accurately represents my feelings toward these objects, and, that time in my life, and, it’s sort of cool.
Maybe I should post a pic of it on my page.




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