I used to be livid that I couldn't ever prevent the catholic church from counting me.

As I understand it, the catholic church doesn't even think of excommunication as a permanent severing of ties... and in fact, i was never interested much in learning a whole lot about excommunication since it seems like another foolish part of the silly game that is god-belief.

I don't care as much about this now, but I do wish that there was a way I would never be counted among catholics worldwide. I consider myself baptized and confirmed entirely against my will since I was a child and no other choice was presented to me.

Does anyone else think about this ever? If so, does it ever bother you or do you just not care?

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Not worried. Just curious.
Specifically, interested in other people's thoughts and experiences!
You can have your name formerly removed from their rolls if you want to expend your energy on such an effort.

How would one go about doing that? I've certainly not heard/read that this is possible.
I don't think it's possible to unenroll from the Catholic Church. During my tenure as Vice-Director of the Connecticut Chapter of American Atheists, I received a number of letters from other members who had written to various bishops, or even the Vatican, asking to be dropped from the rolls or ex-communicated. In most instances, their requests were met with silence. When answered, however, the usual condescending reply was that prayers were being offered up for the petitioner's reconversion and/or salvation. The Church depends partially on its official number of members to bolster its public image, so it's highly unlikely that it would jeapordize this by issuing what could snowball into a deluge of debaptism certificates.
Gwaithmir, thanks for sharing this information. I suspected something like this was the case. I find it pretty disheartening.
KC, maybe it's time for a public group of people who would like their names expunged. At the very least, people could have a membership card in a group that deducts its number from the global number of Catholics.
That would tremendously fun, I think! I wonder if there is anyone already engaged in such a project? It seems like something that would have already started on the web somewhere by now. I'll search and if I find nothing, I'll start thinking about ways to make this happen.
According to Gardnerian Wicca, I'm no longer a Roman Catholic. The great thing about Gardnerian Wicca is that you can unenroll, and even so... there are no data banks of who is or isn't a Gardnerian Wiccan.

The Atheist Foundation of Australia lists Easy Steps to Excommunication, with additional advice and a success story.
Actually you can get un-counted as of March 13, 06. The church will always consider you Catholic in a certain sense, but they won't count you if you get an actus formalis defectionis ab Ecclesia catholica. They aren't allowed to ever throw away your baptismal/confirmation certificates, but they will note it on there and won't report you among them when they do an internal head count.
Here's how:

Part 1
part 2
I just posted a link to www.countmeout.ie which has details of how you can officially defect. Yes, it's true that the catholic church says that you can't be un-baptised, but that's just in their eyes. Who cares what they think, their belief system is so screwed up anyway. But by officically defecting they will mark your baptismal cert with an official defection and they will remove your name from their register. Thereafter they can no longer officially count you. As to the thoughts of their sky goblin or the permanent mark on your non-existant soul, let them think what they want!




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