I wonder how many Catholics would remain so if they knew the true history of their 'holy' church. Christians often say we seem angy, well yes I'm bloody angry at the fraud that has been perpetrated on myself and millions of others. Hardly surprising when one discovers the levels of greed, blood-lust and depravity not to mention the forgeries and out right lies perpetrated by the Catholic church down through the centuries.

I read a series of articles last year that finished off any last lingering doubts I had and I recommend it to you all. It's called 'The Criminal History of the Papacy' by Tony Bushby and I have posted it on my blog S.A.S.H. It's a long read so I have split it into it's 3 parts, but if you are at all interested in the REAL history of the Catholic Church and the Popes and not the one they spoonfeed to their members, I recommend it to you.

Believe me, if you are not aware of the reality it will open your eyes for ever. I would love to get comments from anyone that does, or has alreeady read this.

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Hi Michael,

I agree with you as regards other christian 'cults', but then they all had the same origins, the history of christianity is the history of the catholic church up until fairly recent times. I am glad that you were already aware of the scale of perfidy involved but for anyone not 'in the know' these articles make fascinating reading, which was my purpose in posting them. As this is a group for ex catholics I thought its members would likely have the most interest :-)
One of these days I'll sit down to read this. Thanks for the link. I'm aware of some misdeeds by the Church fathers, but I haven't read a comprehensive listing.




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