I was prompted to inform this group of the following:


An Irish website was recently set up to help people who wanted to officially defect from the Catholic Church.


As the the title suggest the website is www.countmeout.ie.


I have no affliation or connection to the site other than having used it to defect.


Although it's primarily designed and aimed at Irish Catholics I can't see how the same process couldn't be applied anywhere in the world. The documents that the site has put together are the official Catholic Church defection documents which I'm sure are not specific to Ireland. So I'm assuming anyone can fill these in and send them to their local bishop/ priest.


If you're disgusted, as I was by the appalling way in which the Catholic Curch has behaved in relation to the sickening child abuse scandals around the world, vote with your feet.


How often do you hear the Catholic Church use its strength in numbers around the world as a way of exerting influence? No longer let them count you as a member. Sign up and sign out!


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I'm sorry to say I think you're too late. If you click on the link you'll read about the following:


'In April of this year, the Catholic Church modified the Code of Canon Law to remove all references to the act of formal defection, the process used by those who wish to formally renounce their membership of the Church.'

It seems by removing all references to the act of formal defection not only can you no longer defect but those already defected may never have been able to. It's a bit like papal infallability. The pope who introduced itbasically said, I'm infallable and all pope's prior to me were infallable too. It's like stuff straight out of Monty Python it's so absurd.

I'm not surprised that the Church moved quickly to close a loophole in Canon Law. The last thing the Vatican wants is for people to be able to escape the official rolls.


For those who still want to make an official declaration of defection, however, American Atheists has a free certificate of de-baptism on its website which can be downloaded to your printer. It's a handsome document in sepia tone suitable for framing.




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