Just curious, is anyone aware of any religious tradition(s) wherein the deity in question doesn't harm or threaten to harm people who tick them off? ... Seriously, I want to know ... I'm giving a presentation that will touch on this and I would like to be able to provide an example for discussion.

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The Hindu deity Avalokiteshvara comes to mind.  The buddhist diety know as Kuan Yin in China, Kanon in Japan comes to mind.  Kuan Yin is always a female diety, and embodies the buddhist concept of karuna, usually translated as compassion.  In all the stories and references I have read of Kuan Yin, she has never behaved badly to anyone.
Hmm...  She does have promise ... is she really considered a deity or just an enlightened individual ... I need to check that out ... thanks  
How about the Flying Spaghetti Monster? (Sorry, can't think of any others.)
I don't know enough about other traditions outside the tradional ones here in the USA,  to make a comment.  The pagans (Wiccan)  are earth loving,  tree hugging,  and extremely low key.  That is all I can think of. 
Thank you Anita! Yes I agree about the neo-pagans... some of the deities though, depending on the tradition could be downright nasty  ;-) 

So can the followers.



I've seen that first hand too!

Yes Mary, Thanks!  ... He only touches gently with his noodly appendage ;-D  ... I considered him and the Pink Unicornbut these are just our farces to mock theistic convictions.

Les Athees Napoleoneinne - VikingTrance

Deities ? Well... I could just make something up, Couldn't I ? Thats what everyone else does, I think !


Ha ... it's all made up anyway , right?  ;-)

I guess they are all metaphors for pain and suffering consequences to  life itself.  The short stories that either ends as happily forever after or the latter follows scientific chronology among mythical beings.
norse mythology maybe. i'm kind of rusty on it at the moment so i could very well be wrong



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