I am finally free of religion and of god. I just got the official paperwork that says I am no longer a member of my former church. I feel so free. I see what religion does to people. People in my former church used to say that they loved me and would always be there for me no matter what. Since I left the church, these people have not talked to me. If this is an example of god's love forget it.

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I am glad you are free.

You are welcome among us and I hope you enjoy the site.

Bloom and become the person you are. Only you can reveal that. We celebrate with you.


Good for you :) I'm glad to be free of my religion, too. Thankfully, I have religious friends who don't care what my beliefs are. 

I guess this goes to show who our real friends are, and who the people pretending to be your friends so they can justify their addictions/beliefs (I think having a belief/s is a way to cope with things...unhealthily, but a way to cope).


Congratulations.  It took me longer to get out than you, but I was also happy to be finally free of religion and god when I left mormonism.  I assume that's the religion you're free of because you mention the official paperwork and you're standing in front of the bishop's storehouse.

I see you're a food-bank-worker.  Does that include dealing with the bishop's storehouse?

welcome - I hope that you find new community that gives you as much support as the last :)




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