I just finished watching Julia Sweeny's one woman show called "Letting go of God". It mirrored many of the issues I had in losing my religion (Fundamental Xtian/Baptist) and some of the external consequences that came along with it. This is a good resource for those individuals who are beginning to challenge their current theistic belief sytem. Her particular one was Catholicism, but you can pretty much exchange it with any other dogma. Please, enjoy if haven't already seen it.

Peace & Reason,

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I never believed it in the first place, so it wasn't so difficult for me. I imagine the hell meme might be pretty hard to escape. The Christian put in the concept of eternal fire. I guess early cleric/salesmen felt they might as well go all the way because it was a pretty unbelievable concept.
It's hard to get the hooks out of one's head.
Joel: Glad to hear you enjoyed Julia Sweeny's video. I got it a couple of years ago and have watched it half a dozen times with various friends. It seems to have a big impact on people when they watch it, even if they are somewhat religious. If they are very religious, they get pissed off and don't watch it at all.
i've heard her speak a few times and am anxious to watch the video. To those of us who were indoctrinated from birth to believe in the celestial santa claus, it can be be a tough nut to crack. Letting go and realizing that this is the only life we know of for sure and that we can live it without appealing to a sky daddy can be difficult task. After about 3 years, im finally getting comfortable in my nonbelief. Whats so hard for many of us is the lack of support from our families and friends. My mom is in disbelief over my non belief. She acts as though its a phase. Every once in a while she asks me how church is going. i just shrug it off. A friend of mine who is a pastor ( i myslef am a former minister) had a email debate. I like to think i won and had some convincing arguments. My wife continue to believe and now its a great strain on our marriage. I dont even know if we'll last, but i guess thats par for the course. I've read numerous testimonials were marriages have broken up and parents stop talking to their kids. All over unprovable myths...is that the christian way? The stress of family life around the holiday season is enormoous. Now my wife doesn't want to exchange Xmas gifts because i'm not celebrating jesus birth. How ridiculous! For me to go into the true meaning behind the holiday and winter solstice would be a waste of time and a pointless argumnet.
For those of letting go, its the ones closest to you who can hurt you the most.

P.S. i tried to change my pic, and it didnt work. If anybody has any suggestions i would appreciate it. Thanx and god bles....er never mind. LOL


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