This is one for Daryl. I discovered an actual, prima facie, self-evident and first class membot. You’ve probably seen a mess of them, but this one was caught live on Youtube.

I’m sending this to Daryl Ray to demonstrate how tough it will be to deprogram this unmistakably virus-infected girl.

I suggest we try to get her to retouch her humanity which has been taken from her in a stealthy and underhanded manner. Get laid, get high, listen to some great music. Try to relocate what makes you happy ‘cause it certainly isn’t your god. He’s out looking for new brains to infect.

Any suggestions on how to help god-infected people are welcome.

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Yes, she seems pretty infected even high on god or something else.
It looks like a large percentage will be incurable, especially the pious good people who have their whole lives invested.

Perhaps the God Virus is susceptible to the laws of virology. Just like small pox, it’s a lot easier to prevent the infection in the first place. Young minds like this girl will determine the outcome. There’s a good fight in the school system going on, but the madrassah system seems impregnable to ideas—any ideas.
Have you looked at the rest of her videos? It just appears to be a girl with a wacky sense of humor. Without asking her there's no way of knowing what she was attempting to do in this weird video (I suspect it may have to do with something she ingested prior)

I’m sending this to Daryl Ray to demonstrate how tough it will be to deprogram this unmistakably virus-infected girl.

Are you basing this on watching one 20-second video?

Also my suspicion is that there's no such thing as "deprogramming", only "reprogramming". Everyone is programmed to some extent.
Are you basing this on watching one 20-second video?

I sure am. That was one of the weirdest videos I ever saw, including that "Exorcist" movie that scared the crap out of me when I was 20.

She says, "Don't worry, God doesn't punish the ignorant." Wouldn't it be a goof if there really were a line like this in one of the books of the Bible. Maybe John or Luke, or the Book of Psalms. Nobody would know what to make of it. Maybe the bishops would order some sort of synod so they could discuss it. They'd be fighting over who's ignorant and who's not.

I still say deprogramming. Gotta get that devil/hell crap out of their brain. They'll never be happy if they think God's going to punish them for some trivial sin like lying to an eight year old.
That was one of the weirdest videos I ever saw

There are lots of weird videos online. There are films that surpass The Exorcist. People post bizarre stuff all the time, including strange religious rituals, behaviors etc.

Again, did you watch her other videos?

Wouldn't it be a goof if there really were a line like this in one of the books of the Bible.

She says "We are surrounded by ignorance, but don't worry, God will not punish the ignorance*, only the people that are aware of his (unintelligible, followed by unintelligible sounds)" That does not sound like the bible. It sounds like a corruption of the New Testament notion that there is no excuse for disobeying god after Christ's arrival (I can't think of what the passage is).

* I think she meant "Ignorant"
George, I watched a couple. Thanks for the link. I wrote Mirror Reversal in 2004 and the situation is a far worse now.

Speaking of the paranormal, just an aside, can anybody guess the literary character who’s appeared in the most movies?”
Hands flew up. “That’s right. Who said Dracula? Not James Bond. Not Santa Claus. Not Rocky. Not even close. What’s that tell you about society? Remember in this class you’re a psychologist.” A few students stirred out of their daydreams at the mention of Dracula.

What is this hangup with vampires?
What is this hangup with vampires?

The Twilight film series is very popular with teenage girls these days.
I looked at her other videos, and while I'm not convinced she's a complete fundie whacko, she is definitely off. In one video, she goes into detail about her psychic abilities and her predictions for Jon and Kate. She sings about Chris Crocker (remember Leave Britney Alone dude?), she dresses up and talks about Twilight like it's real -- I don't think it's a sense of humor we're seeing.

Unless it's a total "Poe".
One video is enough for me. Once I estimate persons to be “far out,” that’s enough. Especially if they are telling me stuff like “God doesn’t punish ignorance.” How does she know what God says and does?

If she has a private line to God’s office, how come God didn’t give me one? I judge myself to be a much brighter person than this crazy chick. God has to be fair and just, right?

About the movies, the last hell/devil/horror movie I saw was The Omen. I swore them off after that and haven’t seen any of the Halloween, Hell Raiser or Friday the Thirteenth stuff. I can’t see watching somebody’s bad LSD trip.

One thing non-belief gives as a dividend: we can throw out all the devil/demon rubbish along with it. In fact, I feel sorry for people who believe in hell because it means living a life in fear—rather than a life of fun and joie de vivre.
Um, I watched that video, and it's sequel, then a few of her other videos. Is she really a membot, or doing her own version of "Edward Current (" satire? Personally, I'm not that sure.....
Good to hear from you, Mac. If Ms Sonic was putting us on, she sure had me fooled. Here eyes were spaced out—takes a knowledge of self-hypnosis to do it.

I watched the Edward Current video. He had me fooled also. These lines were particularly interesting:

Whether it’s a microscopic ball of innocent virginal cells, or an old man riddled with metal-static cancer.

People on death row need to be dispatched to hell when we say so—because it’s God’s will.

These statements sure look like something a devout Christian would say—how could he be so cleverly ignorant?

Hey, how about the line from Mirror Reversal, “humanity is a peculiar ape infested with meme complexes.”

Every day I live this statement becomes more and more plausible. CNN last week had a story about a Nigerian bishop who’s into exercising little kids. He dances around and stakes his rattle and admits to killing 110 children in failed attempts.

A selfish computer virus is the only explanation I can see for getting people to do such weird and horrible things.
Richard, seems you got quite a discussion on this video. I like the comment by Larry on Rational Emotive Therapy. Albert Ellis is one of my lifelong heros and one of the few who actually challenged crazy religious thinking. He died at something like 101 a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, even RET trained psychologists are often afraid to go down the religious challenge path for fear of losing clients.




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