This is one for Daryl. I discovered an actual, prima facie, self-evident and first class membot. You’ve probably seen a mess of them, but this one was caught live on Youtube.

I’m sending this to Daryl Ray to demonstrate how tough it will be to deprogram this unmistakably virus-infected girl.

I suggest we try to get her to retouch her humanity which has been taken from her in a stealthy and underhanded manner. Get laid, get high, listen to some great music. Try to relocate what makes you happy ‘cause it certainly isn’t your god. He’s out looking for new brains to infect.

Any suggestions on how to help god-infected people are welcome.

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Darrel, my apologies on this one. Looks like it was all a put-on by the young lady. I didn't do my homework by not checking out her other videos. I found her nestled in the Pat Condell page. I clicked her by mistake and I was taken aback. I couldn't believe it at first; her eyes were so penetraing and glossy. I haven't seen such a card carrying membot since I saw a video on Sarah Palin's Assembly of God. If Ms Sonic would've started talking in tongues I might have had a heart attack.

The jokes on me; Edward Current got me also. I guess I'm getting guillible in my old age.
I'm sure this guy is for real:

He calls himself "Prophet Norman". There's an entire channel of his videos.
Thanks for your input. It definitely relates to memetic and god virus theory.

Question: (Sorry George, I can't help myself) Why does God want to destroy the gins? I mean, wouldn't it be better if these people got loaded every once in a while?

Seriously, why should God make this character "messenger" and not you or me? If God is all just, then God should pray to us once in a while and not be such a hog about worship.

Also, why no shirt? I guess it's to make him look more human. But if he's God's messenger, he should want to look less human, more ethereal. He should have some sort of smoke screen or something.
George, here’s a beauty. Doctor Farik Naik propounds the invalidity of evolution.

Catch all the women listening to this guy. Religious alphas prevent girls from going to school and then feed them this balderdash.




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