This is my first post in this group (or any group for that matter) so I hope this is allowed! If not, I apologize profusely, and if it is allowed, I have another one of these discussions with my family that is still "in the works". I thought some people in this group might be interested in how I deal with my family, and I'm open to hear what other people may have done if they were in my place. I'm also just going to link the image instead of posting it directly because its super huge.*F4TW0f8wbta8IL*mI7XKWdn...

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with my family i try to not talk about it unless the attack me directly and than i try to make sure they know my opinion as detailed as possible before they try to rebuttle back with more cookie-cutter apologetics.. and there's no one in my family that can stand against what i know now, not to sound arrogant... which it does sound arrogant... and your family is just doing the same it looks like. cookie-cutter apologetics that has been spoonfed to them by the traditional/popular apologists of today.. 'richard dawkins himself admits he doesn't know' like richard dawkins is the end-all know-all of all things for an nonbeliever... i always try to make the point that 'not knowing' for an atheist is the appealing thing for the seeker of truths like the nonbeliever. christians/theists are the uber arrogant ones who claim they have something that explains absolutely everything in the universe and what i always stress to my family is i'm not ready to say i have found anything that can explain everything like they do and they use a book that is a product of ancient man.

and misquoting Einstein.. common lazy cookie cutter christian apologetics method. door2door fanatics do this all the time and since i love inviting them in and i hear this all the time, it upsets me that theists are that lazy.

but good for you overall, for not backing down. i make comments when i see my relatives misquoting scientists and findings for their own religious egos too, but sometimes it's just not worth it. a faith-based belief will never fall to reason. ever. until the person becomes honest with themselves internally.
my cousin, alex, always brings up richard dawkins, like he's MY god! i mean i do admire richard dawkins, but its certainly no sweat off my back if my cousin tries to insult him. today he said that he doesnt care about science because most "fans of science" tend to shove it down his throat (oh the irony). when i told him he pretty much admitted that his lack of knowledge on the subject is the reason his faith in the bible holds so true, not even bringign up richard dawkins at all, in his reply he said "...and Richard Dawkins acts like an ickle toddler with daddy issues...".
there's an incredible amount of info out there on dawkins that christians have misconstrued to make dawkins look like an idiot so i dont blame him for attacking dawkins if all the information he knows is from the apologist community. if theists attack only what they have been spoon fed like it appears he has been, he'll stay a believer for as long as he wants... i believe the most effective way to help draw someone like him out of his faith is by attacking the concept of theism and the requirement of faith that is demanded by that theistic god. theism in itself is a logical impossibility anyways, most of the discussions i have dont even get into nit-picking interpretation of science or scriptures since I have a big issue just with theism in general.... but him being a 1 trick pony with his dawkins issue is pretty telling by itself =P
yup! creation could also entail the 'alien' theory as well, that a superior biological race initiated biological life on earth but it's more plausible than a supernatural maker as the genesis story suggests =P

and trying to create a common ground to agree to disagree with one's family i think is the best thing to do because it could give them the time to observe you living a moral life WITHOUT the help of a god.. and that could be the thing that allows them to seriously consider the atheistic viewpoint on things.
I know I'm probably not going to change the viewpoints of my family, but I feel like civilization is actually being held back because of people like this, as crazy as that may sound. I felt so free after I became enlightened, and I really want my family to feel the same way.
Most of the time I do respect my family's viewpoints. They update their facebooks and whatever a LOT about their beliefs, and I usually ignore it, unless it has to do with me or atheism directly.
If scientists proved that the universe was created, christians would just cherrypick the discovery until it suited their beliefs anyways. Its what they do!
yea thats the danger of faithbased beliefs... anyone can interpret anything to mean what they want it to mean. thats when an argument against things faithbased are necessary to refine.
yep =P i like what i wrote in a song of mine that pretty much just shuts up christians 'it sure is sad that you need jesus, to show you who to love and how to live' so thats like my emergency button if i get tired of debating someone. loving life is what all of our goals are here, and if they need a symbol or faith to love life... i ultimately feel sorry for that individual.
oy, if i had a nickle for every time my mom said "no wonder you're depressed if you dont have jesus in your heart". my depression is only seasonal D:
i suffer from depression and other things too and when people try to say its because i dont have jesus in my heart, i usually make a reference to their obvious expertise in the mental health field of study and they should write a book proving that all science surrounding mental health is all a lie and useless to the entire human race. that shuts them up about 99% of the time. =P
i was just as depressed if not more so when i "knew jesus". i feel much better about life now that i can masturbate without being afraid of going to hell when i die.
well i personally am very glad you can masturbate without going to hell too. =] isnt it absolutely absurd looking back on that mentality now? that a simple action of self pleasure would be enough to insult an eternal god so much?
I'm lucky in that my only sons use a computer. My other relatives don't, except maybe two of them. My sons aren't Xians, so I don't have any issues on Facebook.

Now in real life it's hard even with 4 hours between my closest relatives. They call quite often and religion is often brought up when they do. Sometimes I make an excuse that I have to go, but I'm getting to the point where I feel the need to set boundaries. We'll see how that one goes.




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