if you look at the two threads I started here (I'm really tired and don't want to link, just search my name.. I'm a newb. One is in the newb forum and the other in the Coming Out forum) I've been religious all my life. I'm just starting to accept that I am now atheist and trying to rid myself of my religious past. I was so die-hard that at one point my mindset was "Even if Jesus is not the savior, I will go to Hell just to be with Him". That's a pretty strong statement, and I meant every word of it. To go from that to now not believing is taking me a while, but I know now that there is no god and that there is no hell for me to go to. This makes me feel better, because my father killed himself when I was 13 and I was told that he would have to be in Hell because of it. I tried to use other Bible verses to try and make myself believe that he wasn't (I"m not going to go into them here, it doesn't matter anymore because the bible isn't real) and now I know he's not going to be suffering for eternity for trying to escape his blinding pain. I can find peace that he is not suffering anymore, not here in life or in the afterlife if there is one.

I'm rambling a bit.. I tend to do that . Anyways, I'm trying to recover... I'm just beginning my journey.

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Good for you. Learning how to live the one and only life we have is a big enough task. So much time and energy is wasted on religious guilt and other meaningless stuff. You now have time to learn all that life has to offer and really enjoy smelling the roses without any gods to get in the way. Read my book, The God Virus. You will find a lot of good ideas for disinfecting yourself from the god virus. Also, look at some of the resources on www.recoveringreligionists.com.
I understand how hard it has been. Stay strong.....
When I was religious, I justified it by telling myself the Bible says there is only one unforgivable sin, and that is cursing the holy spirit, not suicide. It wasn't much of a help because people would tell me he's in Hell anyways, but it was my small consolation. I feel better now knowing there is no such thing as Hell and my father is resting in peace, away from all his pain he had while he was alive. Whether there is an afterlife for spirits (not heaven, just something after) I don't know. But it's nice to know he is not in eternal torment.
Congratulations fellow Recover-er. I hope you find the great depth of peace that a loss of religion can bring. It is wonderful to know you no longer need to defend your beliefs. May their arguments pass by you as the waters of a swift and shallow stream rush by the boulder that will not give way.
I found my comfort through diving headfirst into philosophy and secular humanism. You feel a bit lost now and need that comfort in humanity that you had with theism; that sense of purpose. Go and seek your purpose and live out your days in peace.

Call a friend just to tell them how much you care. There is even more responsibility to love each other now that we know that this is our one chance. Make every second a blessing and don't stop for a second to turn back to the false comfort.

The world is a wonderful place! There is good here! We must be there for each other now because it's easier to know that this is all we get when we get together in brotherly love.

Find your new path and never hesitate to seek help. Many of us have been through the same thing and we have found our own answers to many of the questions that you will have. That is why our blogs here are so important. We use them to connect with the opinions of others and to help ourselves and each other get through this confusing thing we call life.

Peace be with you, Larissa. Go and find your own answers without the almighty dictator. You're free.
It gets better. I fought being an atheist, too, but now I'm happy. I'm happy as an atheist and happier than I've ever been in my life. And I have a lot of problems, so that's saying something! :)

And I'm sorry about your father. How horrible, what people told you.



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