Would like for others to share their stories of religious decontamination.

Changing our thinking from religious to athiest is a long process - depending on how much indoctrination you have had, for how long and how deep you went on thinking through that line of thought.

When first immerging from a belief in God, we often still come with many other supernatural beliefs that we might not realise to be so.

Athiests will call a spade a spade and this can be quite a shock when we are strongly attached, to the point of identification with certain ideas and thoughts - and when they are attacked, it can feel personal.  It is a slow process of letting go of ideas that infomred our values and identity - a sort of death in fact - where much grief can be had - in order to build a new understanding based on reason, evidence and rational thought.  Free thinking is a scary place at first - but once you get the hang of it, much joy can be taken from this ability.

Share your stories and experiences of first arriving in an athiest group.

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