Ok looking for some resources to get a southern baptists to reconsider their religion. this person my wife is a religious nutter, and is very set in her ways with religion and teaching it to our children.

  What I want to do is try to give her info on why her religion is crap. Instead of her telling me why I need Jesus. Granted she does not do this. we actually do not talk about religion at all.

   But I'd love to give her so tidbits just to tickle her brain and make her think for herself. and possibly start to doubt her religion.

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I noticed in your first post at least you seemed to be a little hopeful but that has seemed to dissipate.

I'm stupmed too.

I sense how supremely frustrated you are. I can completely understand but a good thing can be that your children have you to show them there is more than one way to think and to help them be more open minded.

This will serve them well as they grow older.
Thanks All.

I may have just won a battle!!!!! SWEET JESUS!!!!!

My wonder Wife also insists on homeschooling. She explained to me that when we were dating that she made very sure that she would marry a person that supported homeschooling and would never want to see her kids going to public school.
She reminded me of this after I told her that 2 of our Sons want to go to Public School. I signed them up yesterday.
The Think I want to point out to her is if her god is so loving and cares so much then why the hell do he set her up with me. since he is all knowing she should have for seen this. However I know what her Response will be. Shortly before we got married god told her not to marry me. Gotta love those voices in your head.
So i guess if she came back with that response then i should respond with god must be punishing you for not listening.
Oh my, I am laughingj (hard)!~ Thanks!

Congratulations on the victory!

May you have many more.
Good luck and let me know what you find, because mine is the same way. The problem, as I see it, is that we have questioned while others refuse to let it creep in their minds. Im sure Darrel Ray's book " The God Virus" deals with this subject. I plan to read it one day. Lol. Anyway, we who have escaped from religion have at one time in our walks questioned something(s) about what was said and done.
My own questions came from what they were telling me and what he real world revealed. They told me that tithes and offerings would increase my store house and I would have plenty. Well that wasn't the case at all. They told me that when we get sick, to call for the elders and the prayer of faith will heal them. Well that ain't so either. Hospitals, doctors and medicine are all evidence of that. And so on and so on. My point is that we have to get them to question what and why they believe somethings. When I figure out how to do that without making enemies, I'll let you all know.
The way I planned to introduce my atheism to people is in a letter I wrote to my former Christian self. I wrote it to myself to decrease the chances of offense as it is not written to the reader. I plan to give it to anyone who tries to back me into a corner. I have been an atheist for over two years and thankfully that hasn't happened. Print it out and give to her, my account of truth. Good luck!
just to update school is going well for the 5th grader. I asked him what he thought. if it was what he expected, more then what he expected or less. I was happy to hear him say More. That told me I did not over play the goodness of public school.
the 2nd grader has had some troubles adjusting but things are getting smoother.
I was just thinking about you the other day so thanks for the update.

I have an x-friend who is a fundmentalist Baptist and she home schooled her children who are now grown and they are totally brainwashed, even getting arrested for witnessing in the streets (so she claims).

I'm not saying I am against home schooling, I'm sure it has many merits but not when it is religious brain-washing type home schooling which I'm sure much of it is.
That is funny if they are really getting arrested. But sad that they are completely Brainwashed like this.

My 3 boys are in soccer they had practice last night (wednesday) and we went to practice but she wanted to leave 15 minutes early so they could get to church which they were like 45 minutes late for. My wife explained to me that the kids wanted to go to church and practice too. So when it came time to leave all 3 asked me where we were going. I told them they were going to church with mom and I was going home. They did not like this. The oldest wanted to stay for the whole practice so did the youngest.
I was a little puzzled as the wife told me this is what the kids told her. I said to them didn't you all tell mom this is what you wanted. They told me no.
I reminded them that they had the choice if them did not want to go to church they did not have to. They can always stay home with me. However at practice we only had 1 car and the wife was dropping me off at home. Well My oldest also decided to come home with me. he saw no point in going for the last 30min. of church.

So I said something to the wife last night about this. and she explianed to me exactly what she said. she did not tell me that they said this but this is what she thought they'd prefer. I explained to her her brainwashing is Back firing on her. it is very dogmatic. there are very few reasons why they would not go to church. I told her I look forward to the day her brainwashing comes back to bite her, as the kids will eventualy get sick of it. So she did not say anthing else other then I'm going to bed.
Oh for Christ's sake, she should let the kids enjoy a full soccer practice on a Wednesday late afternoon/evening whatever. She really needs to lighten up!

That's just rediculous but alas, many things in life we have to cope with are.

I've got rediculous crap in my life that doesn't have anything to do with religion but it would be even worse if it was so I feel for ya!

Just remember - you are your sons beacon of reasoning! Your good influence will always be with them throughout the rest of their lives and that's no small feat.
Yes it is amazing. I told here the other night I was not sure how much more of it I can take.
I continue to remind them that it is their choice they can choose. and I keep reminding them to think for them selves. if some one tells you the sky is blue, to ask does that make sense, have I heard this before, and if I doubt it to ask questions and do your own research.
i also realized as much as I'd like to be seperated and be able to have someone I can sit down with and watch South park, or some Sci-Fi flick with, or go see the new Virginity movie, I'm going to be able to prevent her religious indoctrination more by being at home, Having my Atheist mind set and opinions readly avaliable.. Granted if I did divorce I'd probably get the kids every other week end and that would also prevent alot of the religious bullshit.




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