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Recovering from Religion

Unless you were raised by atheist parents, you probably had some recovering to do when you left religion. The purpose of RR is to provide a landing place for people when they jump from religion. With local support groups throughout the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, and real-time resources accessible to everyone, RR is where to turn when faith has lost its luster.

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Religious Trauma Syndrome (RTS)

Started by Steph S. Jun 8. 0 Replies

This is a good website for help in recovering from religion of Religious Trauma Syndrome:• Cognitive: Confusion, poor critical thinking ability, negative beliefs about…Continue

In what way are you still recovering from being brought up religious?

Started by Steph S.. Last reply by Richard C Brown Aug 30, 2014. 57 Replies

I was brought up in a fundamentalist family.Anyone still dealing with any issues from religion?Do you fear the result of coming out Atheist to your family?Any thoughts are welcome.Continue

Catholic Family / Atheist Wedding - HELP

Started by Megan. Last reply by tom sarbeck May 31, 2014. 4 Replies

Any one else out there still recovering from Catholic guilt??I come from an extremely Catholic family/upbringing. In 6 days I will be the first person in my entire extended family not to marry a Catholic in a Catholic Church.My biggest source of…Continue

Anyone still deal with anything like this?

Started by Starland Seay. Last reply by Matt Skaggs Aug 26, 2013. 27 Replies

One thing I have noticed is a tendency to "doubt" my new path in life. I still want to reach for the Bible sometimes. I still hesitate somewhat when someone mentions Pascal's "Wager"...LOL! Even though I know that science teaches this and that no…Continue

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Comment by Rich Goss on October 19, 2009 at 1:53pm
It’s interesting to consider the power of the God virus. The virus can grow into a tumor and eventually take over the victim’s entire life and reason d’etre.

What else but a God virus could say to an infected person, “Those people over there don’t believe in me. They either are infected by another religion or they’re overly skeptical. I want you to strap some bombs around your waist and blow them up. Don’t forget to yell, ‘God is great,’ when you do it. Other followers will be very impressed and grow stronger in their faith.”?

It’s as if the virus knows that if it doesn’t replicate it’ll go extinct like a thousand other religions of the past.
Comment by Darrel Ray on October 19, 2009 at 8:21am
Julia, I think Richard is on target with his comment. The key, as I say in my book, is to respond to the human not the virus inside the person. You cannot argue with a virus. The more you try, the more frustrating it is for both of you. If she had a cold, you would not argue with her about feeling bad or feeling sick. As Richard says, focus on her humanity. If she cannot relate without her virus, then there may not be a basis for a relationship. In some ways it is like alcoholism. The alcoholic has a relationship with the bottle first, humans second. Religious people have a relationship with their virus, and secondarily to other humans. Their filters are so strong that they literally cannot relate to people except through the virus.
Comment by Rich Goss on October 19, 2009 at 12:33am
That's easy, Julia. Just focus on your common interest and leave religion alone. Your friend sounds irremediable. If she’s been on her knees praying to God her whole life, it doesn’t look like she’ll stand up now. You just can’t give her a vaccine when you’re dealing with the God virus.
Comment by Darrel Ray on October 10, 2009 at 11:23pm
Just spoke in Portland this week about my book and 7 people stayed after to talk about getting an RR group started. Hope we can see on or two in the area soon. If you know anyone in the Portland area who might be interested, let them know.
Comment by Jerry Howell on October 8, 2009 at 9:01am
Marshall, thanks for the link. I downloaded ASH1, 2, and 3 and listen to them yesterday. I like your format hope you keep it up.
Comment by Marshall on October 4, 2009 at 1:05pm
For those of you who haven't heard our interview with RR's founder (Darrel), check out the group for The Agnostic Salvation Hour and listen to epidsode ASH2.
Comment by Darrel Ray on October 4, 2009 at 10:54am
Off to Portland this week to speak at Reed College about The God Virus. If you know of anyone in the Portland area, let them know. Here is a link to the Reed College event. You will notice that Richared Dawkins is trying to upstage me by coming to Portland State on Oct. 10. I think I'll let him slide this time. I will also be letting people know about RR and hoping to get some interest and getting some groups started in the Portland area.
Comment by Rich Goss on September 11, 2009 at 8:02am
Mariana, If you're taking a philosophy course perhaps we could exchange ideas about individual philosophers. I'm starting a course in November with my Humanist group.

But look out. I've always appreciated the line by Theodosius Dobzhansky, the 1920s paleoentologist and member of the evolution synthesis.

"Any book written before 1859 (the year of Origin of Species) is essentially worthless."

It's like a reading a book by a geologist who believes the world is flat. Dobzhansky exempted David Hume from the statement.
Comment by Rich Goss on September 7, 2009 at 6:16pm
I forgot the Youtube link for the Dawkins/Lennox debate. Very information and educational. You hear both sides. There's about 12 videos, above is the promo.
Comment by Rich Goss on September 7, 2009 at 5:54pm
Mariana, let’s switch to the “It’s a Race” discussion above. We’re getting off the track of Recovering from Religion. Just a thought, depending on how you and Darrell feel. I don’t’ know if our conversation is what he had in mind.

Let me tell you, I feel like I’m reading Anne Frank in your posts for some strange reason. You are about the same age as she when she wrote her diary and you have a similar precocity and objectivity.

and that there are lots of religious scientists who manage to amalgamate their belief in God with evolution.

This actually happened to me when I was teaching bio. The other biology teacher was as pious and orthodox as can be. My attitude was, “how the hell can you study biology and not believe in evolution. The teach bio is to tell the story of evolution.” He somehow “amalgamated” the two ideas and got away with it. I don’t even think he even thought about it.

Actually, I did some research on this, years ago. Pope John Pope II wrote a papal bull stating that evolution is okay with Catholics as long as they concede that God intervened. Remember the Sistine Chapel painting where God holds out his finger and “inspires” Adam who is holding out his finger as they nearly touch. The idea is, man- (and woman-) kind evolved from lower life forms but along the way God infused a soul, and the early hominid became Homo sapiens. (What a misnomer. In my book Mirror Reversal, mankind is Homo vacuous.)

To me, what a cope out. Why doesn’t the Bible say anything about this? Talk about biblical prophesies, why the heck doesn’t the good book make any predictions with some teeth—like the JFK assassination or the Protestant Reformation. All we get are vague statements that future bible writers can fill in after the fact.

As a side note, I share the opinion that scientists should no longer publicly debate creationists-- it only reinforces the idea that it's a viable alternative to real science.
I think they should debate, how else are we going to change things. Here’s a great debate between Dr. Dawkins and a hard-headed Irishman (aren’t they all?), John Lennox, who holds that Christ is the answer. We can discuss it, if you’re into philosophy.

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