is a great place for community and sharing ideas, but it doesn't suffice, solely, for organizing ideas. We need to harness more tools, in my opinion. Here are some of my recommendations. I need lots of feedback here.


*We need an IRC channel with chat logging.

-The exchanges we have on these discussion boards are great, but what about when we want to pick apart ideas with each other in real-time? This isn't to mention the ideas that get unknowingly generated through casual real-time exchange.


I think the following can all be found for free.


*Diigo - bookmarking with research and collaboration in mind

-Although I haven't tried this yet, I like the idea of being able to select only portions of text and images on a page to bookmark, and then having in-line discussions off of them.


*Google Docs

-These lists and outlines we are attempting to make are going to be transformed and edited frequently. It's much too dirty to try to keep track of them in discussion format. Another consideration is that Google Groups integrates with Google Docs, if I remember correctly. Just something else to keep in mind.


*Mind mapping

-Could help us explore our own thoughts, as well as provide large-scale overviews of our thoughts individually and collaboratively, so we can notice potential areas of growth and address incompletenesses.



An example of a free service:

An assessment of wiki farms:

-Would give our ideas a reference place on the web, and allow us to change them as we see fit. Kind of a "final product", so to speak.



That's all for now. Let me know what you think. In favor or disapproval of any of these? Have your own tools in mind that you think would be beneficial? Have any experience with any of these and would like to take the responsibility of setting them up? How many of us have google accounts? How many of us who don't are willing to get one? (They're free) Let's get our opinions and concerns organized before we go and sign up for a bunch of services --even if they are free.


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These are all excellent ideas. We have actually been tinkering around with some related ideas. I'm all for expanding into these realms. However, I must admit to a woeful lack of experience/aptitude for technology. Alas, I am nothing more than a poor philosopher these days. But I'm willing to try anything which can advance the study of philosophy.




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