Alice Miller


10 Point Program for Social Justice


1. Public sector spending to create value producing and ecologically sound careers which draw on peoples' full ranges of abilities, for all who want them. We cannot afford to waste our peoples' abilities, or to waste our people or our natural resources on things which accomplish nothing other than the making of money. Free access to post secondary education and vocational training for all who want it, because we need to fully develop the abilities of all of our people.


2. Single payer health care for all, which includes reproductive control.


3. Public sector housing and cost controlled housing for all who need it, so no one is without. A sufficient economic safety net so that no one falls through.


4. Return to the high tax rates on upper incomes which gave America its best economic years. The creation of a real estate appreciation tax, to take the profits out of land scalping and because this type of tax is the easiest to collect. Nationalization of the Banking System and strict regulation of all financial services.


5. Abolition of the Prison Industrial Complex, to be replaced with a system which favors crime prevention and does not try to use criminal enforcement to solve complex social problems. When there must be prosecution, there are to be fair trials, reasonable sentencing, and an emphasis on rehabilitation.


6. Rejection of Religions Fundamentalism and the Bible as a source of prescriptions, injunctions, truisms, or predictions of the future, because such is crazy making and serves only as a means of enslavement. Rejection of Born Again Christianity and notions of Conversion or of "Getting Saved" because such is an idolatrous, escapist, addictive denial system which is as harmful as heroin or cocaine. It prevents there from ever being justice because people become approval seekers.  Celebration of Diversity and the rejection of conformist doctrines such as Libertarianism, Self-Reliance, American exceptionalism, or isolationism..


7. Rejection of the Recovery Movement, Motivationalism, and all forms of Sin and Salvation for dealing with substance addiction, poverty, homelessness, or destitution, as these are predatory schemes designed to oppress.  Instead, obtain legal and financial redress for abuses suffered, and promote consciousness raising and political activism.


8. Rejection of all forms of Psychotherapy and instead consciousness raising and political activism.  Recognition that mental illness is not an innate cause, but rather is the effect of abuse and degradation and that this is best dealt with by legal and financial redress.  People will change when they can become active agents in their own liberation.


9. Legal and financial redress for all abuses and exploitation perpetrated by the family.  A public guardian to ensure the well being, financial support, and rights of all children.  Intervention as needed and always oversight.


10.  Instead of supporting dictators, religions fundamentalists, and narcotics traffickers around the world in order to exploit resources and suppress popular movements, work to support education, sustainable economic development and democracy.  End the policy of using military adventurism to create jobs and to take people out of the labor market.  Discontinue the wreckless, wasteful and corrupt practice of military contractors.


Becoming Other

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The prison issue is big with me. Check out these graphs, with special attention to racial issues:

I have to take exception to number 8 regarding psychotherapy. Your assumption here seems to be based on intuition rather than objective empirical evidence. Good psychotherapy is based on good science. True that we have a culture based on some very unhealthy premises. But, the creation of an environment conducive to optimal mental hygiene would have to be based on psychological research. 

Also, mental illness, like other conditions, is affected by environmental stressors. However, many forms of mental illness are genetic and biologic in nature. The brain is the most complex item in the known universe. It is absurd to think that this organ differs from every other bodily system by being exempt from physiological abnormalities and abnormalities in function.




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