Hey, ya'll (all 4 of ya'll)! I'm new here (in Nexus) and since I'm just getting to know you, I was hoping I could get your stories. In which part of the belt do you live and WHY? I've been in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my husband and 4 year kid since about 6 weeks before the Gulf took up residence in our real home, New Orleans. We just wanted our kid to get to know his only surviving grandparents. We're now stuck here - at least until the school situation improves back home.

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Further proof that he is vengeful merciless god.
I live in NC right outside of Wilmington. I've lived in and around Wilmington all my life and I'm probably THE last native living here as this area is now home to many retirees and a big tourist area. Traffic is hell in the summer!
I live in Collierville TN - right outside Memphis. And this is a town that has more churches than gas stations.
Hey! There may not be as many gas(oline) stations, but church is a great place to find gas of a different sort - foul-smelling expulsions. It's interesting that more of us don't run from it...
All the better to pray for low gas prices
Having lived in New Orleans my entire adult life (til now, unfortunately), I used to frequent the white sands of Florida (Louisiana's coastline is not amenable to "beach frolicking"). On more than a few occasions, I traveled inland, finding that only a few miles meant a great difference in mindset. The interior seems to me to be one of the most conservative areas in the country, perhaps second to the mid-Atlantic states where they still argue about the Civil War in their Op-Ed sections.
Jacksonville's a good example of how distance from the beach is roughly correlated with religious extremism. If you live around Jax Beach and none-too-far areas you tend to see plenty more level headed people than if you head toward the west side where they've got dueling banjos on loop in some areas. I can't say much since my area (Oceanway, misleading name) was once the home of the head dragon of the KKK, but things are changing here too.
I live in Tulsa as well- born and raised. And no, I'm not proud of that. But, as soon as my graduate work is done, I'm leaving. I don't know where, but hopefully not in this time zone. BTW, after working in the courthouse here, I have a undeniable proof that the Bible Belt=some of the most messed up people in the world.
I was born and raised in a little town near the Tennesee-Kentucky border. My whole family lived there when I was younger and I grew up there. Due to unforseen circumstances I am living in my hometown once again, at least for the time being.

This is a a town of a little over two thousand people with literally dozens of churches. Not only is this little town have only a handful of catholics but it has no african-americans. It's a dry county where alcohol is not only illegal but regarded as a sin approaching murder by the locals. Here you are a suspect women if you unmarried and seen in the company of more then one man at time. And D&D is still regarded as the devil's game.

A few years back while I was living up north the brother of a friend of mine became an active atheist and brought in the ACLU to stop a mandatory prayer at his high-school graduation. He was greeted with death threats, charges of "devil worship", and a burning cross on his lawn.

There's nowhere quite like a small-town in the south.
I'm in south Mississippi. I feel like I'm surrounded by Christian extremists on all sides...probably because I am.
True. I am fortunate enough to work with some pretty decent Catholics.
Yes, indeed you are...




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