Hey, ya'll (all 4 of ya'll)! I'm new here (in Nexus) and since I'm just getting to know you, I was hoping I could get your stories. In which part of the belt do you live and WHY? I've been in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my husband and 4 year kid since about 6 weeks before the Gulf took up residence in our real home, New Orleans. We just wanted our kid to get to know his only surviving grandparents. We're now stuck here - at least until the school situation improves back home.

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I currently reside in Charleston, South Carolina, but have spent the majority of my life in these areas: Blytheville, AR--St. Louis, MO---Athens, GA.
My parents are from Georgia, but my dad was a pilot in the Air Force so we moved around a bit. Somehow we always managed to stay in the south.....except for a 5 year stint in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan back in '84-'89. I would have to say that my worst experiences in the "Bible Belt" have been Arkansas and here (charleston).
Wow! Notre Dame Seminary! I have a friend who used to live across the street from it. Remember those gargoyle-dog-things out front (around a fountain?)? Her dog used to attack those things - thought they were REAL.
good ole OK... i was born, but not raised, here. definitely bible belt- we're like the friggin buckle, i think. my boss, a very respectable and well-known guy, has a plaque on his office wall in the shape of a cross w/ the letters spelling out "JESUS". it's only a small glimpse into the christian atmosphere i work in- overall, not too bad, but i'm just waiting for the moment when i slip up and out myself as an atheist and then we'll see what kind of reaction i get...
I was stationed at Fort Sill for about three years. I drove forty miles up to five times a week to go roller skating in a small town called Duncan. They tolerated me because they knew that I was military. Although I didn't see any blatant prejudices, the religious undertones were easy detected by nonbelievers. I was too young and uncaring to pay much attention to it. I found the native indian community much more open minded. They were sort of outcasts in the community though. I use to agitate the wife of the owner of the skating rink. During the song "American Woman" by the Guess Who, I would thrust my hips out during the appropriate bass drum hit. It was funny to watch them cover their eyes with their gapping mouths open. I was a sinner, pure (not so pure) and simple. LOL.
I heard that religion has gone rabid in N.O. since Katrina. I'm not sure going back is such a good idea.
Religion was always pretty rabid in a strange sort of way there. When we go back, it's still pretty much the same. However, living in a place is always different than visiting. I suspect that if there's a major difference, it would be the influence of the newcomers (post-Katrina workers). My guess would be Latinos, who are largely Catholic, as was pre-Katrina N.O. Do the two styles of Catholicism mesh? Probably not so much. I'm still ready to return.
I was born and raised in Northern Vermont. I have lived in NC since 1993. I live in a rural area where here to there are more chruches then gas stations. I pass 5 churches in a 10 mile stretch.

I don't even think that the Christians here even know that Atheists really exist. I am trying to change that though.
Mississippi, New Albany/Tupelo Area. I never left.
I've lived in Tulsa my entire life. Hope you're not having too horrible a time.

I actually grew up knowing the hatred of most fundies even before I became an atheist considering that I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness and therefore obviously wasn't a True ChristianTM. I can't tell you how many kids told me that Jesus hated me because I didn't celebrate Christmas (still don't).

Thankfully, I've finally been confident enough with myself to freely admit my atheism. Which in Tulsa, isn't always the easiest thing.


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