How backwards is your local backwater? For myself, I am currently residing in Lethbridge, southern Alberta. If there is a place in Canada most dominated by religiosity, southern AB would be that place. There are no less than 3 creation 'science' centers within a two hour drive of my house, while a national television network dedicated to Christian fundamentalism films out of studio 6 blocks away. We have churches on almost every other corner, including 2 that practice snake-handling (I really wish I was making this up...). The mayor holds an annual televised prayer breakfast with the sanction of the city government, while Alberta as a whole can boast that it launched the political career of the infamous Stockwell Day, a former provincial politician who actively sought to restrict abortion rights, proclaimed that dinosaurs once lived with people and who, in his 2000 campaign to become Prime Minister refused to campaign on Sundays. Because that would be sinful. Oh, and then there is are the Mormons. If you stay in Lethbridge for more than 24 hours, you WILL be accosted by well dressed young people seeking to spread the good word of Joseph Smith - any time, any place, any weather. I was once stopped while walking to the store for a pack of cigarettes - at 2 in the morning, in a blizzard.

As an aside, it is not just the Christians who bring the crazy. The local Jewish center had to close due to ongoing threats and harassment from Muslim exchange students at the University.

Southern Alberta: Religious? Batshit? Then come on in....

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Whoa - that makes Tennessee look downright heathen by comparison. But you can chase off Mormons by telling them that you haven't performed your ritual sacrifice to the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Pesto be upon Him) yet and ask if they have any babies :-)
Did you say Batshit? I thought I heard someone calling...I'm in Tulsa, Oklahoma (for only awhile), home of Oral Roberts University and the 857,000 foot tall praying hands (which had to be altered because the middle finger, a bit too long, looked when flying overhead as if it was shooting the bird to the city). It appears (amazingly) that I can't beat your story (as far as requirements for pity and awe are concerned), but I do have a story I haven't told in awhile. We moved here to Tulsa from New Orleans, about 6 weeks before Katrina's waters inhabited our city, so that our kid could get to know his only surviving grandparents. When anyone saw our license plates or drivers licenses (which STILL say Louisiana, 3 years later), he/she would say, "You're blessed", or "God had other plans for you", etc. Our response was and still is "Does that mean that all of our friends and family have been ignored by god?", etc. Needless to say, we didn't make many friends here.

We have a "No Soliciting" sign on our front door. It's bright red with large black letters - hard to miss. The only people who ignore it are solicitors of their god.

Anyway, nice to meet you. By the way, we have a church on just about every THIRD corner. It's really quite something...
I don't have any horror stories to speak of, but we do have a Jehovah hall on my road and they bug us when they want to spread the word but don't feel like going too far to do it. I've just recently found out more about the Jehovah faith, and I want to see if I can get them to "shun" me when I tell them I've been disfellowshipped next time they come by. I might tell them I'm a demon as well, we'll see. My dad's church tended to be pretty fire and brimstone Baptist when it came time to do fund raising if that counts.

The one time I've been to Alberta was headed toward Alaska. There was a lot of manure smell.
I'm also from Tulsa, OK. Thankfully I don't have any horror stories. Mostly just people worried about my immortal soul or something. Although every time I put a Flying Spaghetti Monster flyer up in my dorm, I'd find it torn to pieces within hours.
I grew up in rural South Carolina and I have no horror stories of note to relate, but that doesn't mean I was happy there. It was more a pervasive sense of conformity that bothered me greatly. It was assumed that EVERYONE was Christian and everyone was into church, and your belief was just taken for granted. I realized this when I was 14 and my boyfriend, thinking he was honoring me, invited me to come to church with his family. When I declined and said that I didn't like church and didn't attend with my parents, he promptly dumped me, and our friends all sided with him. That sort of thing. I suffered some harassment in high school, but I'd say that the "horror" of the environment was just the extreme narrow-mindedness and inability of the locals to understand that other mindsets not only exist, but might also be equally valid.
I live in SW Missouri, HQ of the Assembly of God. They seem to run this city. How much more backward can you get? They even control the local PBS. Needless to say "A History of Disbelief" was not aired here and they even try to prevent movies from coming to theaters here too. The local uni was recently sued for not teaching the Bible was the inerrant word of God, among other things. *rolling eyes* Some even believe this is "God's Country". I've lost count of how many Religious channels are on cable/satellite here, because it is easier to count Freethought channels- zip! none! If they aren't as delusional here as those you describe up in Southern Alberta, they are right up there.
Yuck! How can you live there? I image that all the religious conservatism stimulates a lot of rebellious atheism.
To be honest, I can't. My mother is 62, a Fundie, and loves it here. Luckily, she has her own place, while my sons and I have ours. Even though she's not in the best of health, I'd be out of here if I was offered a job in another state, preferably a warmer state, and they were willing to pay relocation costs. I've had enough of this city.
Hi Mriana! I recognize the city and its description! I've lived here 3 yrs and the worst of it was realized to me while standing in line to vote for the presidential election. I was really scared. It took 40+ years for me to realize the scariest thing I would ever face in my life: the potential theocratic government! It's also not a good feeling to drive by Evangel U and see all the new construction!
Oh yes and the Evangel U now has all these signs that says, "Nothing is too hard for God". At first, until the wind or something damaged them, they were every few feet. I want one sign- "Beware of Dogma" and I somehow I am going to figure out how to get the FFRF to place it here.
Beware of Dogma! I love it! I'd buy one.
Dang!!!! You may as well move to Oklahoma. At least the weather is better.......sometimes......
We have our share of crazy polititions too. I think they're a hoot, but never forget how dangerous these nutjobs can be. Logic and facts are still the best weapons, but I still can't resist twisting the knife sometimes. I'm just wicked that way. It's how I survive




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