I recently moved to Arkansas from Michigan and I am in awe of your abilities to survive in such an environment. How do you cope?

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Coffee and alcohol. Good insulation, too.
Adding insult to injury, I also live in a dry county. Fortunately the wine flows like water 12 miles down the road. Incidentally, I just finished reading "Watchmen" yesterday and I loved it. I can't wait for the movie.
Find yourself a group of like-minded friends if you can, Get a netflix subscription, a good AC, and see if there are any atheist meetup groups or UU churches in your area. Other than that steer clear of "dangerous" conversation topics like politics and religion unless you'uns is lookin' to pick a fight.
If you can (if you don't already) live in a large city. People in large city's are usually more accepting and open, usually, not always.
That has been a big help for me as well. I am lucky enough to live in a university town where freethinkers are more common than in some of the smaller towns surrounding. There's still a sizable conservative Christian community, but it's nice not to be the only Atheist around
The easiest response I have is a closed door.
I get people at my door probably 2-4 times a week with pamplets or a message to give me.
There is nearly always a flyer in my box or on my door when I come home.

I'm naturally a nice guy (or so I claim), so I find it easier to bypass them or just say "No." and close the door.

I've always been in the south (southern Georgia), so it has always been an issue.
It is very difficult to hold back a condescending attitude in order to be mature about the situation, but sometimes you must when you get the crazies that won't go away.

They always try to invite themselves in.

If you are prepared, you could also take them up on the challenge and prove them wrong.
I've found that the most religious people here are the ones that know close to nothing.
I have got to remember that. That is hilarious!!
I live in a VERY rural area of NC. Most everyone is a bible thumping republican in my county. I take great joy in displaying my Darwin Fish and watch the puckered lips. Especially on Sunday. I also love for someone to preach at me. Show me the math! Show me proof! I tell them lets sit down with the Bible and discuss some of the verses. Darn Christians like to cherry pick their bible. I won't let them though. I gathered my information against them from godisimaginary. That website has lots of useful ammunition for us Atheists.
Tell all of the Christians to bring it, not sing it! WOOT! :)
Live or play around universities or colleges...not Christian Conservative Colleges though. Outside of military bases since many of the people are transplants from other parts of the country. Find a Jewish community. They tend to isolate themselves from the Christian Fundamentalists.
I grew up in rural South Carolina, and though I've since escaped, I learned quite a few survival skills while there. First, pick your battles. While it may seem that everyone around you is a complete yahoo at first, you will soon figure out who is worth debating (because they might learn something from your viewpoints) and who is simply to be avoided. Second, learn to be charming (if you aren't already). After all, the narrow-minded view that many Christians have of atheists is that they are rude, friendless, strident, and unsociable. If you prove them wrong when it comes to personality traits, you might surprise some of them into learning that you are a good person as well. Third, know that there ARE people like you there - they're just underground. Subtle cues such as t-shirts, bumper stickers, and the like that are based on inside jokes are good for revealing the other underground folks. Be open to the signs that other people might be hidden atheists and make sure you come across as someone who would welcome discussion with them.

And yes, I second those who say alcohol helps you deal with the fundamentalists!
The internet has been a blessing. I'd have probably killed myself by now if it wasn't for the internet.
Arm yourself with knowlege and fight stupidity with logic and humor. I agree with snakeophelia, choose your battles. Most people are either too lazy, too stupid, or too scared to think for themselves. Fear and laziness can sometimes be reasoned with. Stupid is pretty much terminal, so don't waste your time. Try to see the funny side of things and always remember....you're not alone.




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