One thing I get tired of, and I'm sure you folks go through this too, is being at work everyday not being able to go a whole day without somebody bringing up God or his will.

Just recently somebody broke into a coworkers house while his kids were home and luckily the guy didn't go into the closet where the kids were hiding. Of course, the whole day I had to hear that is wasn't luck it was God that kept him from finding them.

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I have always said OMG and JC, have you? Now I just insert a curse word in between.
At my workplace, someone says grace before we eat a company-provided holiday meal. Yeah, I know where you're coming from.
Try working in a catholic hospital... I hear prayer 3 times a day over the hospital intercom, and, every single email i get has something related to god or Mary in it. Hell I even have nuns that come pray in our department every day because they feel led to by god lol. Oh, and there are 3 chapels here in the hospital. Fun times. If the hospital didn't pay for school, I'd find somewhere else to work.
I just retired from a public school in Texas. My reputation over the years came to be that of a person who was fair, moral, ethical, even a little strait-laced about a few things, which is just my strict teacher persona. My last year before retirement I started letting it out more and more that I was not "one of them." The prayers, the jesus emails, the gospel music, and all the things you guys already know about I began to flip back to them. The few who came out and asked me, and the others who were suspecting, were shocked to realize that this upstanding almost elderly lady in their midst was, gasp, an atheist, right there amongst them! Teaching the kids! Meeting with parents! But as of last June, I'm outta there. So now, there is exactly one teacher left there who is not one of them, but they don't know who he is. Ha!
Its always "thank gawd" or "it must have been gawd's will"




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