One thing I get tired of, and I'm sure you folks go through this too, is being at work everyday not being able to go a whole day without somebody bringing up God or his will.

Just recently somebody broke into a coworkers house while his kids were home and luckily the guy didn't go into the closet where the kids were hiding. Of course, the whole day I had to hear that is wasn't luck it was God that kept him from finding them.

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Religion is shoved into students faces at the public schools here too. My daughter had problems with one English teacher who required her class to read the bible....her excuse, it was for grammatical purposes.
Me, "I don't believe in god"

They, "Well, he believes in YOU"
Yeah, like that's supposed to make you say "Well, in that case..."
the new catch phrase down here is, "Gawd doesn't believe in Atheists."
I reply with, "See, he's wrong AGAIN."
um... that doesn't make any sense even from a religious point of view. After all, there's proof that atheists exists.
That is awesome! Note to self: remember this one!
At the college I work at, there's a substitute that comes in every so often. She told me once that she prayed over a student's test and that's why he did so well. I was speechless and told her I wasn't touching this one. She spent the better part of that day regaling me with how prayer has worked in her life, etc. She mentioned a friend in the hospital and when I asked her if the doctors were good (that's what matters) she actually told me that was not that important, prayer was the most important.

But yeah, here in the good ol' moral bible belt, christianity and its ever present side-kick hypocrisy are alive and well.
You mean you actually believe it was the doctor's skill or her friends body healing itself that made her get better? What's wrong with you? lol
I'm sure they would've chalked it up to "it was his will they were found", and if they happened to be murdered, it would've been "their time to go". In any case, I'm sure someone would mention "they were being tested". No matter which way it goes, they have to stick their crap in there somewhere.
Crazy xtians after surgery: God guided his (the surgeon's) hands. How do I put a throwing up sound into written form?
I have always been an atheist, I really do mean always and have always said so when asked, I have never had a problem with anybody because of it, and I live in Georgia. Sure some people have said they would pray for me and I replied, please dont.
When I'm asked what church I attend or if they know me from such and such church (happens a lot!), I just reply I don't go to church and leave it at that. Many religious people here don't go, but still claim to be Christians. If they push, I just tell them I'm not religious. If they start preaching to me or start interrogating me about my beliefs, I tell them I don't have to justify myself to them and walk away.
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