Alcohol, Drugs, and Born Again Christianity

I reflect on the recent outreach efforts of a Born Again Church.  I also reflect on a BBQ put on the next day in exactly the same spot by a group of alcoholic derelicts which turned into a drunken melee.  About the first, they had everyone holding hands and calling out the name of the idol on cue.  About the second, there was a huge quantity of both beer and hard liquor, and it turned violent.  It was the same people at both events.

With the Born Again Church a very high percentage of their congregation have serious histories with drugs, alcohol, and domestic violence.  To listen to them talk it sounds like such things are never far behind, but that was until they got Saved.  They talk about how "Jesus is coming for his own, but there is still time for more people to get Saved".  "Jesus says we're supposed to talk about it.  I wouldn't want to be waiting in the line for heaven with all of my friends in the *other* line saying, 'Why didn't you tell us?'"  They explain how, "God has placed dinosaur bones on this earth in order to test our faith."  They have weekly classes on Biblical Prophecy, meaning that they look to the Bible for predictions of the future.

One woman was visiting her daughter in the hospital due to respiratory complications resulting from decades of drug use.  Some were saying, "Write her off, she's a drug addict, she's as old as I am."  I was angered by this and so I sent to the mother, "I commend you for standing with your daughter."  What came back was, "If I didn't, Satan would have his way with her."  Where as I had felt good about this mother being at her daughter's bedside, now I did not.  Later the mother explained to me of the whole episode, "Well she really didn't get the help she needed."  I learned that by this she meant a psychiatric hospital.

Every one of their families seems to have its Black Sheep, someone designated from an early age as the scape goat.  Usually this means alcohol and drugs.  If the Black Sheep is female, then it also means sex.  Its whatever it takes to justify the idea that the Black Sheep is other.  Then when the Black Sheep gets their throat cut and dies in a back alley somewhere they say, "He/she had stepped forwards many times in order to be cured of his/her addictions.  At this point I have to wonder whether he/she was really Saved or not."

With the alcoholics most of the women are kept hoped up with psychiatric medication.  It makes it easier for the authorities to deal with them.  If they didn't do this, then our society would have to deal with what is under the surface, which most likely is going to be familial sexual abuse.  Besides, the women accept the medication so that they can get disability money.  Medication, plus Born Again Christianity, makes them easier to handle and it keeps ugly truths hidden.

The BBQ quickly turned into a taunting of parks workers and police.  Police found the huge cash of beer cans, but they couldn't do anything about it because none of the cans were opened.  This only egged them on.  Soon strangers were being knocked off of bicycles.  The woman who had shelled out for most of the food and all of the beer got punched in the face with a closed fist and fell to the ground.

At the Born Again Church they want prayer in the public schools, lower taxes, smaller government, school vouchers, and the end of social programs.

The alcoholics all profess belief in the self-reliance ethic and a harsh criminal justice system.  They say, "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime."  They cite individual choice as the source of all problems.

I'm not seeing much difference between alcohol and drugs, and Born Again Christianity.  Its the same people who subscribe to both.  Its just that they play different roles with regards to them.  They serve as two poles for people to oscillate back and forth between.  So you cannot get people to stop drinking by preaching Born Again Christianity.  Its not that much different from drinking.

What we should instead be doing is getting people to renounce Born Again Christianity.  When someone can make an informed and conscientious rejection of Born Again Christianity this means that they have already rejected alcohol and drugs, because they have rejected the group identity, approval seeking, fatalism, and escapism which underlie them.

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BO to Forum, Someone is unhappy with my previous post

Minor §1 violation: Unwanted forum behaviour   Hello Becoming Other,   We want our forum to be a place where people want to be, and where true debates can be held. For this reason, the forum rules ( state:   ---Quote---  Refrain from using language that is intentionally denigrating,  malicious, racist, pornographic or threatening, with regards to people,  or groups. Refrain from behaviour that is noisy, threatening or  harassing, as well as other types of anti-social behaviour.  ---End Quote---  Your posting history looks like one long string of posts that are threatening or harassing, even though it is not directed at atheists, but at Born Again Christians.   We appreciate that you attempt to start a debate, but the tone and subject of your posts are not conducive to debate, and the result is the meagre responses that you get. Probably for this reason you are posting the same stuff elsewhere also which is again against our rules.   Please stop trying to use our forum as a starting point of a war against certain kinds of Christianity.   This is only a warning, but if your continue the same behaviour, we will have to step up the pressure to stop this kind of posting.   The Moderating Group   **************************************************************************************************************

Its actually the Born Again Christians who are harassing, as their belief is that anyone who does not make the same professions as they do is damned.  This underlies everything they say and do.  Sometimes we miss this because we don't understand that everything they say is also saturated with pity.  For them there is no need to start a war, as it is already guaranteed by their prophecies.

But just imagine, someone thinking that I would want to start a war.

I've not been posting lately because I've moved from talk to action and so things have been happening fast and furious on the ground.  But I will be back.


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