Like I do.

Do I hate the SBC? Why, yes, yes I do. But I love Georgia. I hope that I won't always live in the same place my whole life, but I don't vilify my beautiful state. I'm not a transplant. I am a true Georgia Pecan (obviously I'm not a peach, much too sweet and soft.) and have lived here my whole life.

The South has some wonderfully redeeming qualities, most especially the food...and the weather. So, besides the fundamentalist ideals, aren't there things you love about where you live?

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The stars. I'll probably move to the desert eventually, but I love seeing the stars at night... when there aren't any clouds or other meteorological bullshit. I like fast commutes to school over long distances. I like having acres upon acres of wilderness behind my house.

But, I'd sacrifice it for religious tolerance.
Not me. I'm not a love it or leave it type. Change from the inside. It WILL happen, Atlanta is a wonderful example of this.
How is Atlanta? in April it will host that big atheist confrence. I'd really love to go to that.
I've lived in Texas, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Missouri (shudder), Wisconsin, and spent 4 months in California on a travel contract. California was beautiful, and the people were very tolerant, but I was born and raised in Oklahoma. It's my home and I love it here. I've never been quiet about my atheism or my feminist leanings. Yes, I've been targeted at work for these beliefs. I know for sure I've been "eased" out of several hospitals for not keeping quiet and "Offending" some of my fundie co-workers. Will this keep me from being who I am? Of course not. I'm too old for that BS. I don't go about announcing my phylosophical stance, but when some one asks "Whut church do yew go to" I just reply "I don't". Usually this is enough.

I love the weather, the slow pace of life, the food, and being around my (very Religious) family. I love going down to my parent's old place in southeastern Oklahoma where there are no lights, noise, or close neighbors. And I rather like being the crazy sister/ aunt/cousin. Every southern family has to have one, and I embrace the role. My hair is diffrent, I dress different, and I dance like I don't care who's lookin. I wear a red hat and purple tee-shirts. I'm happy. I love my life. And I love being an Okie. Someone's got to shake these folks up once in a while. Might as well be me!
We are all weird in my family. More of us than not have tattoos, several, and piercings. My crazy aunt was midiagnosed with schizophrenia so after years of Rx's for the wrong thing, she's a bit off her rocker.
I love the South.. just not the religion. NC is the most beautiful state ever
Except for GA ;)
Huh.....yew guys ain't never been ta Oklahoma, have yew?? ;)
Funny, I'd never consider OK the South. Seems more middle than south...
The flavor here is more southwest than anything, but an awful lot of the good ole boys (and girls) here consider themselves that's something to be proud of in a redneck kind of way. There are some small pockets of sanity here, though. Dosen't matter where you place us in the universe. It's home and I love spite of the fundies.....or....maybe because of them.
I'm proud to be Southern. Definitely not redneck. There are rednecks in New Jersey, though, I've heard.
"Redneck" is a state of mind, I believe, and one can probably find them in Canada. My brothers are rednecks, and they are pretty sweet guys. I think what I love about being southern is the peculiar form of madness that a lot of us seem to have. Florence King said in her book "Southern Ladies and Gentlemen" that if you built a fence along the Mason-Dixon Line, you'd have one big madhouse. If you're not familiar with this book, I highly recommend it. It's funny, insightful and

So.....whether you consider us southern, southwestern or whatever, I love being an Okie. I love the whole southern culture....minus the fundie aspect, of course and even they have their chuckle factor. If you read the book, let me know what you think. It's one of my all-time favs.




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