Like I do.

Do I hate the SBC? Why, yes, yes I do. But I love Georgia. I hope that I won't always live in the same place my whole life, but I don't vilify my beautiful state. I'm not a transplant. I am a true Georgia Pecan (obviously I'm not a peach, much too sweet and soft.) and have lived here my whole life.

The South has some wonderfully redeeming qualities, most especially the food...and the weather. So, besides the fundamentalist ideals, aren't there things you love about where you live?

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Yes, Georgia is the best! You can go from low-land swamp, to vast wilderness, to mouintains and also the beaches! Now for the bad...Mosquitoes, gnats, humidity and 15.8 churches per square mile.
The food is probably the biggest draw - and iced tea. No place can make iced tea like in the South. I was born and raised in Florida, and it's a gorgeous state, or it was before Disney moved in and between Walt and all the other little Disneyworld wannabees, Florida lost some beautiful land. I can remember riding on the back roads and smelling orange blossoms in the spring. Nothing like it.

I'm now living in SC, and parts of it are great, such as the swampier parts around Charleston and the northern border with NC where it gets hilly. Now if we could just get rid of the Domionists...

I think another thing that's lovely about the South is it's a quieter life. The folks tend to be friendlier - so long as religion isn't brought up, that is - and the pace isn't as hectic as in the north. I really do love being a Southerner, just wish they were a little more open to something other than whatever the SBC says.
I have friends in SC and Oklahoma and have lived in both states for a couple of years or more. Actually, I lived in SC for about twenty years. Oklahoma is definitely southern, but with a cowboy edge. I, however, don't like rural living or city living in the middle size cities in a mostly rural state. It doesn't have anything to do with location. Country people seem to be the same (based on my own experience). It doesn't matter where you go. The small town mentality is very conservative and the people seem to be influenced mostly by the clergy. If you look at what states voted for McCain/Palin, it is those states that are mostly dominated by rural living. These are people that are allowing Theocracy to threaten our freedoms. It amazes me how anyone after all the deceit, ignorance and folly of the last administration could still vote for a similar administration. What is really scary is that if it wasn't for the new voters, black and college age, and the new emerging people in poverty, McCain/Palin might have won. This means that whatever brought these groups out, we better hope that they continue to vote or the religiously dominated rural areas are going to turn our country into a Theocracy. I just hope that the atheists in these areas are bold enough to become conspicuous so that the public will see that there is an alternative to religious living.
I love the weather and the fact that I am 30 minutes from the beach. The seafood is good too.
Well, many of you have probably seen the town I live in. Its the town from The Simple Life Season 1, but I didn't move back here until the last day of filming. I missed out on most of the craziness. My favorite thing about this area is definitely not that show. My favorite thing is the fact that its the middle of the Bible Belt (my town has 3000 people and easily 30 churches - one is actually in my back yard and I'm looking at it while I type this. I can't believe my house hasn't burst into flames yet) and there are 2 fairly large music festivals that take place here. We have a hippiegrass (Hippie/Bluegrass) festival each fall and Wakarusa just moved here from Lawrence, Kansas this year. It is great seeing all the churches all riled up because the hippies come to town with their crazy grass and whatnot.
I absolutely love South Carolina... well, maybe not the entire state but there are several aspects that I will never truly be able to get over once I'm out.

I love being able to take time out of my day and watch water trickle over the reedy river waterfall in Downtown Greenville (however I do not dare to tread close, from fear of mutating ;D).

The country food is to-die-for... from fried chicken, to the southern breakfast (grits, eggs, and bacon... yum!), everything here is delicious (albeit not that healthy sometimes).

Scenery is gorgeous, from eighteenth century homes to swamps and deep forests where I love to ride my quad through during the sunset (especially the mountains).

If only it was untouched by religion I would be able to stand living here.
I love the mountains. They are so beautiful in the winter. Also aside from 95% of the ppl here being Christain they are quite friendly as long as the convo dosent go religious.
Well, I love in the worst part of TX, the desert. It's so ugly, flat and treeless, so the only thing it has going for it is the huge skies! The stars are gorgeous and sunsets unparalleled. I also used to live in the prettier, green parts of TX, particularly central TX, where Bluebonnets cover the countryside in the spring.
Ya know, Brenham? Home of Bluebell ice cream which is so good because cows think Brenham's heaven? Well, it's nice enough but I don't think our cows thought that highly of it. They were just cows, doing what dows do.
Virginia born and raised, capital of the old south ( which i was raised to believe was uncle Remus ya know happy slaves and all), I prefer the history of our founders particularly Jefferson whose home is about 30 mins from me. Iv got mountains 30 mins to the west, beaches one and a half hours to the east. Great city nite life in Richmond, or Norfolk. Washington DC to the north, and small quaint towns everywhere. Forests rolling hills, plenty of rivers and lakes. I love VA. o The motto is " VA IS FOR LOVERS".
I'm in the Atlanta area as well, but a little worried about raising my non Christian children in Bible Land. I worry about them being ostracized at school by the kids but even more by the teachers and parents. I hide my little Buddah statue every time my doorbell rings. : ) And I coach my kids on what to say if any kids at school ask them about Jesus. I think it's pretty sad that I have to take all of these precautions. I have trouble finding like minded families with young children. Any suggestions?
Definitely. I love the people down here. I love the food and the weather like you said. I just love being in this region. I suppose it's all I've ever really known.
I'm not a native Texan. I moved there when I was fourteen, though, and have loved it since. I love the friendliness of the people (I've had people offer me rides when I'm walking somewhere and people stop to talk or just wave while driving by), the Tex-mex food is very good (albeit, killer for health), the warm days and greenness of the country with amazing thunderstorms, and yeah, the ridiculous amount of stars you can see at night from where we live. Plus, living in TX is so much cheaper than elsewhere. My grocery bill is less there and my parents can afford 2.25 acres with a 2700sq ft. house.




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