Like I do.

Do I hate the SBC? Why, yes, yes I do. But I love Georgia. I hope that I won't always live in the same place my whole life, but I don't vilify my beautiful state. I'm not a transplant. I am a true Georgia Pecan (obviously I'm not a peach, much too sweet and soft.) and have lived here my whole life.

The South has some wonderfully redeeming qualities, most especially the food...and the weather. So, besides the fundamentalist ideals, aren't there things you love about where you live?

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I am a transplant, I have lived here for 21 years and I love my state, I would not live anywhere else, well maybe California, the weather is great (most of the time) the food is excellent, so much to see and do all over the state, so close to everything, and I am originally from NEW YORK!!




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