Born Again Christianity saps people of the strength to fight against injustices.  It breaks down their defenses and undermines their confidence until they are convinced that they themselves are the injustice.
It works just like cocaine and heroine do, it pacifies people.
So I want to start organizing resistance, I want to start raising consciousness, and following some historical precedents:
Here was a breakfast program, delivered not out of pity, but in order to strengthen those who would lead the fight for emancipation:
Panther, 1995
The Panthers rejected Christianity, and drugs, and found ways to fight back.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover responded by dusting off plans to reopen the same concentration camps used to unjustly intern Japanese Americans.  But finally he opted on an even more extreme solution, flooding the black community with narcotics, to keep them out of politics for at least a generation.
Black Panther Party and Beyond
Today its not cocaine or heroine, its methamphetamine.  A few weeks back someone tried to sell me some.  He said, "Do you know where I can sell some crystal?"  I just told him no.
If it happens again I am going to say, "That stuff is poison.  It robs people of their will to fight back and renders them completely docile.  Its as bad as Born Again Christianity."
And of course, Born Again Christianity is very popular with those who have already been so beaten down that they have given up fighting back against injustices, like alcoholics and drug addicts.

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