I had two SBF students walk out of my class the other day when we had a
discussion about the rights of the mother vs the rights of the unborn.
They said such discussion was "just wrong." They also sent angry e-mails
when I talked about the oppression of homosexuals in America.

HOWEVER... their strong moral convictions did not keep them from cheating on today's test.

At this juncture, the incident struck me more as predictable than ironic!

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Here's hoping they get the grade and disciplinary action they deserve.
"Morals" only apply to the "subjects" of the moralizer and never to the moralizer him/her self. In other words, "Drunk driving is just plain wrong,... but I only had three beers with my evangelizing brothers before I ran over that drunk walking down the side of the road. I can't understand why you want to take my drivers license away from me and make me go to rehab." Of course, if it were anyone else that did this the moralizer would insist that they go to prison for a very long time.

I am pure by virtue of my moral self-righteousness. "I'm covered in the blood of the lamb!"
Self-righteousness is the costume worn by the morally under-developed.


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