I've never started a group anywhere before but I noticed that a group for this didn't exist yet and I think it's a really good idea.
My first thought was to provide a place for people who were victims of abuse to talk and share if they want to. There are various ways in which children are abused or neglected because of the religion claimed by their very own families. I think the most common and least talked about is the psychological trauma (such as the fear of hell or demons). Most famously is the sexual abuse perpetrated by Catholic priests. Some children are denied health care and others are beaten or made homeless because of sexual orientation. All of these things need to be talked about more often.
Of course, anyone who has concern for these issues is invited to participate! (Not just victims) Children are helpless and should be on the minds of everyone in a community.
I myself went through repeated traumatic events due to the fundamentalist religion I grew up in. Maybe sometime I'll post about those events.
Anyway, welcome to the group!

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Hey Phillip! Welcome to the group!
I remember being depressed and having vague suicidal thoughts at around six or seven. But I wasn't taught that suicide would send you to hell, only that it was a sin to take control of what god should be in control of - you're time of death. My family was baptist too.




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